Campion College President Wheelchair Experience

”It was tough,” said Campion College President Dr. John Meehan after accepting a December 3 challenge to navigate in a wheelchair the first and second floors of the College...

"Real & Relevant" Parenting

A conference for all parents will be held on Saturday, January 31, 2015  as the Archdiocese of Regina Presents:A day for Parents, Guardians & Grandparents!...

Christmas Hampers Decorated

St. Francis School Grades five and six teacher Kelly Walby was looking for an Advent project for her class in December 2013. She contacted the Regina Food Bank and asked if...

Thuy Nguyen Ordained

It was a long journey that took several routes but “God’s will” brought Thuy Nguyen to Regina where he was ordained priest December 12, 2014, the Feast Day of Our Lady of...

Archbishop Bohan's Christmas Message

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

“Do not be afraid” and “rejoice” are words that we begin to hear in Advent and which flow into Feast of Christmas. As Pope Francis...

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  • Bert Pitzel
    December 18, 2014
    It was my distinct privilege to have been asked to deliver the after meal message for the annual John Howard luncheon, held to honor those in the Moose Jaw area who have been working in the field of Restorative Justice. Before I give you the link to the brief write up of my presentation, as written by Scott Hellings and which appeared in the Moose Jaw Express, I wish to take a step back to make a crucial point: restoration cannot occur apart from the work of Redemption. The two go hand in hand. 
  • Michelle Braden
    December 14, 2014
    Every Advent, I enter into the season with the best of intentions for a blessed and holy Advent journey. And then the madness that is December hits and I find myself at Christmas Eve mass wondering ….. ”How did I get here?”  Despite my best intentions, I realize that Advent is gone, Christmas is here, and I am unprepared, not at peace and frustrated!
  • Frank Flegel
    December 12, 2014
    It may be wishful thinking but I sense Christians are beginning to win the war of words over Christmas. The war began some years ago when Xmas became the norm for Christmas and Christians complained it’s CHRISTMAS, not Xmas. It took a few years but Xmas began to decline in popularity and while it still surfaces once in a while it’s not as visible as it once was.