Thuy Nguyen Diaconate

Thuy Nguyen July 3 took another step towards his ordination as priest with his ordination to the transitional Diaconate at Holy Child Parish. Archbishop Daniel Bohan opened...

Good Samaritan Becomes Our Lady of Peace

July 31, 2014 saw the demise of one parish and the creation of a new in the same church, in the same location. Good Samaritan in north Regina ceased to exist and Our Lady...

St. Michael’s... Spirit of the Valley

A little rain did not stop the 12th annual St. Michael’s Retreat Ministries Spirit of the Valley bike-run-walk-a-thon fund raising activities held August 9. It...

More Than 1000 Pilgrims Attend Rama

The 73rd Annual Pilgrimage at Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine on August 14 & 15 drew more than 1000 pilgrims from many different areas in the Dioceses of Regina, Saskatoon...

Mission Accomplished!

    “None of us will ever be the same....” is the consensus of the 42 folks from the Archdiocese of Regina who embarked on a missions trip across the seas to the...

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  • Brett Salkeld
    August 27, 2014
    In the Christian understanding, suffering can be redemptive and useful, but it is not automatically so.  Suffering, misunderstood or poorly endured can be simply destructive. One of the most painful aspects of the separation of Christians is the fact that we cannot share the Eucharist together.  With some exceptions, Catholics cannot receive the Eucharist in non-Catholic Christian churches and non-Catholics Christians cannot receive in Catholic Churches.  This is, and should be, painful.  It should be painful because it is a reminder that we are not united in faith as we are called to be.
  • Bert Pitzel
    August 12, 2014
    All of us, together with Pope Francis, are following with deep concern the dramatic news reports coming from Iraq, Gaza and Syria. Defenseless populations,  including our  Christian brothers and sisters, flee from their homes, in urgent need for protection, food, shelter and medical assistance. In solidarity with their sufferings, and in communion with the whole Church, let us, in the words of the Holy Father, “raise up with one voice a ceaseless prayer, imploring the Holy Spirit to send the gift of peace" to the Middle East.
  • Leona Burkhart
    August 5, 2014
    "It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving." Mother Teresa Sharon and I have now completed audits for 90 of the 148 rural parishes in the Archdiocese of Regina.  That is 60.81 percent. The purpose of the audits is to make sure that committees are 'on the right track' and completing all the necessary checklists and paperwork.  The intent is so that committees do not have to redo anything.  The other reason is to make sure we "pass with flying colours" the audit from the insurance carriers.