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"One is Nearer God's Heart in a Garden Than Anywhere Else on Earth."

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It’s finally here ... gardening season. How I love to get out in the sun and warmth, listening to the birds singing their songs and feeling the dirt between my fingers! My garden is my retreat house, my place to connect with God in the ordinariness of my life.

I think that’s why these two books here in the Archdiocesan Resource Centre spoke to me in such a deep way...

Pegge Bernecker's Your Spiritual Garden: Tending to the Presence of God is a six-week retreat in daily life designed to release the inner gardener in all of us. Using Scripture, prayers, meditation, physical and communal activity, as well as participation in the Eucharist, Bernecker teaches us to tend our spiritual garden and ultimately cultivate our relationship with our "Master Gardener."

Meditating upon how interaction with the earth opens the heart and embraces the A Mystic Garden by Gunilla Norris affirms the garden as a soulful space where people can take root and experience the changing seasons and the enduring cycle of renewal. Filled with the joy of living, this enchanting spiritual guide will speak to those who yearn to find the holy in the place they call home.

However you spend it--in the garden or not--enjoy your summer for what it is ... God's gift of rest and relaxation!



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All of us who come to here tonight to take part in the Easter Vigil know that this Liturgy is not short! That means that we all come here because we are willing to spend some time with our Lord. We gather in the dark, even the church is dark. We are still keeping watch remembering that Jesus lies in the darkness of the tomb. We have all had people who were close to us die. We know what it means to keep vigil with someone who lies in death.

My dear friends, after five weeks of Lent , we prepare now to celebrate what is called the Paschal Mystery: the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus, the Saviour of the world. Today is called “Passion Sunday,” because we turn our attention now towards the Passion, the suffering and death of Jesus. This is of great importance for us as Catholic Christians, because the death of Jesus on the cross was the one sacrifice offered to God by a human being which was perfect.

By offering his life on the Cross, Jesus took upon himself our...

My dear sisters and brothers, as we come together to celebrate this Mass of the Lord’s Supper on this Holy Thursday evening, we begin the Sacred Easter Triduum. What do we mean by the “Triduum?” Well, the word “Triduum” means “Three Days.” This Triduum, these Three Days that we begin this evening, are the  most sacred and holy days of the whole year for Catholic Christians.

To understand these Three Days we need to tell time the way Jesus and his apostles told time. For us, the new day begins at midnight. But for the people of...