October is Reverence for Life month in the Archdiocese of Regina. In past campaigns, we have produced materials and shipped them to parishes. This year’s Reverence for Life campaign will be much more interactive and much less paper-reliant. We will be posting material available for free on the internet every workday of October in line with our theme for this year, “Resisting Throwaway Culture.”

Pope Francis has spoken about “throwaway culture” to draw attention to the disregard for human life as expressed in many different life issues. From abortion and euthanasia to refugees and migrants to capital punishment to victims of violence and abuse to human trafficking to racism, at the heart of the problem lies a willingness to treat human beings, made in the image and likeness of God, as disposable.

A Catholic worldview brings into focus the deep connections between these issues that are so often artificially divided up by our contemporary political ideologies. To that end, we will be featuring pieces each workday that try to show the interconnectedness of various life issues while plumbing the deeper logic relating them to one another.

This year we are very fortunate that Dr. Charles Camosy will be visiting our Archdiocese during Reverence for Life month to deliver the inaugural Jesuit Lecture at Campion College on Wednesday, October 16, at 7:00 pm. His theme, also the title of his most recent book, is “Resisting Throwaway Culture.” Dr. Brett Salkeld and Deacon Eric Gurash have already recorded 4 Thinking Faith! podcasts with Dr. Camosy that will be released throughout the month of October, beginning Tuesday, Oct. 1.

Please join us this month to promote the cause of life in our Archdiocese and beyond. Like the Archdiocesan Facebook page, watch for and use the hashtags, #rfl2019, and #ResistThrowawayCulture, watch for our articles to come out each day, and like and share your favourites. Listen to the podcasts. Come to the Jesuit Lecture on October 16. Deepen your own appreciation of the Gospel of Life!

Reverence For Life 2019 Links and Resources

This list will be updated regularly, Monday-Friday throughout the month of October. Links and resources will be added in order of their release through our social media platforms.

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