Jun 19

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

We gather this evening in great joy, surrounding our candidates for the permanent diaconate with our hopes and prayers.

Before anything else, I would turn our thoughts to my predecessor, Archbishop Daniel Bohan, who had a dream for diaconate in our Archdiocese. For him it was about implementing Vatican II. Bishop Dan felt the need for explicit diaconal ministry in order for the Church to be fully the Church. He brought Brett Salkeld in as Archdiocesan theologian specifically to build and lead a local diaconate formation program. He hoped...

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Nov 14

One year on from Leonard Cohen's passing Archbishop Donald Bolen of the Archdiocese of Regina and Rabbi Jeremy Parnes of Beth Jacob Synagogue discuss Leonard's music, the holy and the profane and the Jewish and Christian aspects of it.

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Jan 6

Intro: paraphrasing Pope Francis from earlier tonight: Tonight is a night of glory, that glory proclaimed by the angels in Bethlehem and also by us today all over the world. It is a night of joy, because from this day forth, and for all times, the infinite and eternal God is God with us: he is not far off, we need not search for him in the heavens; he is close, he is become human and will never distance himself from our humanity, which he has made his own. It is a night of light: that light, prophesied by Isaiah (cf. 9:1), who said that the...

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Jan 1

Today’s celebration marks three important things. It is the Octave of Christmas and the Feast of Mary the Mother of God; it is the World Day of Prayer for Peace; and it is New Year’s Day, a day to give thanks for blessings of the past year and to look forward to the year to come.

At the heart of today’s celebration, from today's gospel, we hear these gentle words of what the shepherds of Bethlehem saw: “they hurried away and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby lying in the manger.”  In Matthew's gospel, which speaks not of shepherds but of magi from the east, there is a similar...

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Oct 16

Wednesday night in Saskatoon, we celebrated a farewell Mass, and Fr. Lorne Crozon attended the celebration and spoke a few words on behalf of the people of the Archdiocese of Regina. He said “we’re not stealing your bishop. We’re simply taking him back.” Thank you for taking me back. While it was difficult to leave Saskatoon, it is very good to be home, and even as I am being welcomed, it is a blessing to be able to join in welcoming so many other people here tonight, in the Cathedral and in the hall below, from near and far, and others following by live...

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