Archbishop Bolen's Official Letters

  • Mar 22

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    “Development, the New Name for Peace” is the title of a short section in a Vatican II document called Populorum Progressio (p. 76).  It is also what gave our Canadian Catholic development agency its name.  That was back in 1967.  Some of us remember this time in our church history; when St. John XXIII called on the Second Vatican Council to “throw open the windows of the church and let the fresh air of the spirit blow through”.  On Oct. 20th, 1967, in the year that Canada turned 100 years old,...

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  • Feb 7

    Euthanasia and physician assisted suicide are now legal in Canada.

    On Feb. 6, 2017 the Catholic Bishops of Saskatchewan issued four texts related to the issue.  the documents include:

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  • Aug 30

    By now you will have received the news that I have been appointed by Pope Francis as the Archbishop of Regina. I write this note with many and conflicting emotions, held together by a deep and abiding trust in God’s mercy and faithfulness.

    Serving with you in the Diocese of Saskatoon these past six-plus years has been one of the great joys and privileges of my life. Under the leadership of Pope Benedict XVI then of Pope Francis, together we have sought to address pastoral challenges within our parishes and communities. With an exceptional team of clergy and lay leadership, we have...

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