Archdiocese of Regina Bulletin - November 1, 2020

We have been experiencing regular issues sending the Tuesday Bulletin link to our SaskTel customers.  In the last several months SaskTel has made changes to its spam filter settings, resulting in our emails being bounced back due to the number of recipients causing their filters to mark our emails as spam. As a solution, we have attempted to move to using the MailChimp platform to send out this file. Unfortunately for the majority of Sasktel accounts,  it appears that Mailchimp emails are being filtered out as well.  This may be a result of us moving your email address to the MailChimp list ourselves.

We continue to work behind the scenes to develop a solution to this issue with Sasktel emails.  We are aware that this has also become a problem for individual parishes attempting to send their own emails to several Sasktel subscribers at once.

In an attempt to rectify this situation, we are asking our Sasktel subscribers to re-subscribe to the Tuesday bulletin.  There is some indication that this may help you to begin receiving these emails again. Please use the link below to re-subscribe.

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