Archbishop Bohan's Homilies

Archbishop Bohan's Archived Homilies

  • Sep 12

    My dear friends, I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to all of you for coming out this evening for this Compassionate Healer’s Mass and for joining in this time of prayer and praise of God. Sickness and the disruption it brings are a very big part of our human lives.

    I attended the Pilgrimage last month in Kronau. And for those of you who have attended pilgrimages, you know that the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick is always a part of the Mass. In the past at such occasions I would remind people that this Sacrament is for people who are dealing with a serious...

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  • Sep 12

    Good morning dear friends. I hope you are all as happy as you sound this morning. I thank you for inviting me to be a part of this celebration which marks the beginning of a new school year in our Catholic Schools. It is a very special celebration, so let us open our hearts this morning to the gifts that God is anxious to give to us.

    Last week I took part in an ecumenical service at St. Michael’s Retreat. It marked the departure of the Franciscans after over 50 years of service at St. Michaels. I had shared with them an event in the life of St. Francis and I would like to share it...

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  • Jan 5

    My dear brothers and sisters, our Catholic faith has been keeping us busy over this last week and a half. During the last ten days we have celebrated four great Feast Days of our faith in Jesus Christ. We have gathered as the Church to celebrate the Birth of Jesus which gave us the assurance that in every aspect of our life, Jesus is God-with-us. We are never left alone or abandoned.

    Last Sunday was the Feast of the Holy Family emphasizing that our families are important to God and blessed by God. On January 1, the Solemnity of Mary the Mother of God assured us that we...

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  • Jan 4

    My dear friends, in my younger days, I used to ask why is New Year’s a holy day of Obligation? Everybody is out celebrating the New Year on New Year’s Eve, so they don’t have time to go to Mass and on New Year’s Day everyone is too tired to go to Mass.  Everyone who went to Confession during Advent to get ready for Christmas finds that within a week they are in the state of sin again because they missed Mass on a Holy Day of Obligation! Seemed strange to me.

    However, since those days, I have learned that we don’t go to Mass today because it’s New Years, we go to Mass today because...

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  • Jan 1

    My dear brothers and sisters, we continue our celebration of the Nativity of our Lord, Jesus Christ on this Sunday that follows Christmas. As soon as we talk about the birth of a baby, we very quickly begin to think about the family that welcomes this baby. On this Sunday following Christmas we turn our minds and our hearts towards the family of Jesus – to Mary and Joseph and their new child. And of course when we do that we also immediately think about our own families.

    Are our families important? Of course they are - each and every one of them; just as important to us as Jesus’...

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  • Dec 28

    Memories seem to play a big part in what goes on around Christmas. At this time of year we all seem to think about the Christmases of our childhoods. My memories are very good and fill me with warm and nostalgic feelings. And I am very grateful for that. Yet I know that for some people, memories of Christmas are not happy. And the feelings they raise are not good or pleasant ones. This is real as well.

    In those Christmases of mine, long ago, while I was caught up in the excitement and anticipation of all that was happening and about to happen, I was probably not paying a whole lot...

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  • Oct 21

    My dear sisters and brothers, it is a great pleasure for me to be here as your bishop to celebrate with you the 100th anniversary of your parish. As with many of the parishes in our archdiocese, the first priests to come to Shaunavon over one hundred years ago celebrated Mass in various homes throughout the district. For  over 100 years now, the Catholic Community has lived and celebrated its faith in this community.

    We know the church is not first of all a building of wood and plaster. Rather the church is a building constructed out of “living stones”. In other words,  ...

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  • Sep 7

    Dear friends, we set out today on a great adventure for our Church here in Regina as we begin the Formation Program for the Permanent Diaconate for our Archdiocese. I consider this to be a blessing from God and I say “thank you” to God for all of you who are candidates and for you wives who journey through this time of formation with you. You have acted positively in response to what is a call from God and I pray that the four years ahead will bear much fruit for you and for Jesus Christ and his Church.

    As we enter into this time of formation, the Gospel Reading...

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  • Sep 7

    My dear friends, as we celebrate today the sacraments of Confirmation and First Holy Communion we bring these young people into full membership in the Church. Recently I went to Notre Dame College in Wilcox to celebrate Confirmation there. Over the past years, however, I have found that I was being asked regularly to celebrate all three sacraments of Initiation. This year three high school students were baptized, seven additional students were Confirmed and two of these made their First Communion.

     I thought to myself that this is really going against the trend in our society. Young...

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  • Sep 7

    My dear friends , we gather once again on the eve of the Assumption of Mary to give honour to Mary, the Mother of God; to give voice to show our devotion and our love for this unique woman whom Jesus, her son, has given to us to be our mother, and to celebrate the  Eucharist, to say “thank you” to God for all the love and all the blessings God has given to us, especially through the intercession of Mary, our mother.

    We are here on a pilgrimage. To make a pilgrimage means to make a journey to a sacred place. So we come to this grotto in Rama as pilgrims, following in the footsteps of...

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