Bishops of Gravelbourg

The new, francophone, Diocese of Gravelbourg was established on January 31, 1930 with the same papal decree that announced the appointment of the successor to Archbishop Mathieu in Regina.

Several months later, on July 3, 1930, the appointment of the first Bishop of Gravelbourg followed.

Situated in the semi-arid southwest corner of Saskatchewan, this area suffered the most severe effects of the Great Drought. The total population of the new diocese, according to the 1931 census, was 124,000, of which 30,000 were Catholic, for the most part francophone.

The great majority of the clergy were also French speaking. The Prelate district in the northwest of the diocese had a heavy concentration of people of German descent.

The following were Bishops of Gravelbourg from 1930 to 1998.
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Bishop Villeneuve
1930 - 1932

Bishop Melanson
1933 - 1937

Bishop Guy
1937 - 1942

Bishop Lemieux
1944 - 1953

Bishop Decosse
1954 - 1973

Bishop Delaquis
1974 - 1995

Bishop Roussin
1995 - 1998

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