That They May Be One        This past Friday night I had the good fortune to be at St. Henri’s Parish in Melville. Some members of the Archdiocesan Young Adult Leadership Team were invited to lead music for a Family Worship night. Now…..I am neither a young adult or a musician, but I really wanted to meet the wonderful folks who work in youth ministry at this parish, so I tagged along.             ... Read More
Our week in Lodz prepared us well for our arrival in Krakow. What a city! So rich in history, full of faith, and the home to the great saints of mercy; Saint Faustina, Saint JPII and St. Maximillian Kolbe to name a few. It is against this rich backdrop that we entered into the theme of our WYD celebration: Blessed Are the Merciful”. Each morning was the same....we made our way to the “Mercy Center” where we would join 20,000 other English speaking pilgrims for morning prayer, guest speakers,... Read More
         What a summer! The Archdiocese of Regina World Youth Day pilgrims shared a journey which has left each one of us forever changed! I would like to share with you one segment of our pilgrimage, each week for the next three weeks. To thank you for your support and prayers….To give you a glimpse into the impact of the universal church…..To fill you with hope for the future!           The first week of our WYD experience... Read More
From Mess to Mercy Before we know it, the MY GEN YOUTH RALLY will be upon us again! (March 12-13,2016) Last year, young people from around the archdiocese came together to make a mess! The right kind of mess…. We came to clean up those messes in our lives which were destructive. We came to pray for those messes which were beyond our control. Inspired by Pope Francis’s charge to  the young people at World Youth Day in Rio, to go home “and make a mess in the dioceses”, we were all called to... Read More
I don't think people who know me would say that I am prone to rants. Overall I don't think they're particularly helpful and unless you are Rick Mercer, I think people just tune you out anyways. But I've felt one coming on for some time now that I just need to get off my chest. So I've laid a few ground rules for myself before I let loose. My rant needs to be:R - Respectful (No names, no one attacked)A - Accountable (I have thought thru what I say and I stand by it)N – Not allow myself to go on... Read More
Miracles Happen at Camp!Having been home from camp for 2 weeks now, I am only just starting to process all the ways in which God worked in the hearts and minds of the young people at the Archdiocesan Leadership Camp! I recognize what a blessed position I am in! So many folks have lost hope and are firmly attached to the belief that our young people have no interest in matters of faith. I get to witness everyday all the ways in which that statement is categorically UNTRUE! While many have lost... Read More
They came to make a mess! The right kind of mess…. They came to clean up those messes in their lives which are destructive. They came to pray for those messes which are beyond our control. The My Generation Youth Rally held in Regina this past weekend had young people from all around the diocese in attendance. 150 young people in grades 8-12, along with 75 young adult volunteers, the support, hospitality and sponsorship of the Regina Catholic School Division, a number of enthusiastic Knights of... Read More


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