Y'all Come!

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Y’All Come!
    Two weeks ago, I was blessed to experience the Religious Educators Conference in Anaheim, California. There were so many speakers to listen to, so much to learn, so much to experience. For me, however, one theme seemed to keep recurring: “All are welcome here”. It made me think long and hard about how we operate as church. Do we believe that? Do we operate that way? ARE all welcome?

    Although we no doubt have much work to do in this area, I see signs of hope! This upcoming weekend is a good example. Our youth rally on March 16th and 17th has been a labour of love for dozens of volunteers over the last 6 months and will see 100 volunteers come together with a common vision. Young people, older folk and “in the middle” folk, all working together and sharing their particular visions, perspectives and areas of expertise.  It has been such a cool experience!  And it has resulted in an event I am so excited to share with the young people of our diocese! It really has something for everyone, regardless of where you are on the journey. We have opportunities for great music, dodgeball, art, improv, a dance and more! We will also pray together, celebrate mass and reconciliation together and hear talks that will leave us with lots to think about!

    So please consider joining us! All are welcome! All high school students: those active in their parishes and those who don’t have a parish, those who know God and those who aren’t so sure. Those who have made good choices and those who have made mistakes, even big ones! You belong to us! You are part of us! All are welcome! “Y’all come”!  

    For more info or to register please go to www.mygenrally.ca

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