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Will the Federal Government’s new legislation that seeks to ‘get tough on crime’ make Canada a meaner society as Alex Himelfarb proposes in his article? What criteria should be used to evaluate the new omnibus bill?The Church’s social doctrine is an evolving synthesis in which faith, theology, metaphysics and science come together to serve humankind. Not surprisingly, then, Pope Benedict in his most recent Encyclical, Caritas in Veritate, warns... Read More
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Thank you Father’s Juanito Vargas, Joy Montiague , Carlos Jimenez , and Louis Kim Nguyen for your participation in ‘A Deanery’s Spotlight on Social Justice held Nov. 19, 2011 in Assiniboia. Father Joy, I know that you literally had to do cartwheels to get back from the Phillipines to be with us. Thank you for your strong commitment to social justice and support of this important gathering.I say a special thank you to Helene, Brian, Nancy, Peter, Anita and Ian for your presence and superb... Read More
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On Nov 3, Dan Beveridge and I gave what I considered to be a pretty informative and spirited presentation on KAIROS (local and national) to a group of 25 people who had gathered at the Lifelong Learning Centre. The group seemed interested and appreciative.What is up next? This Saturday, Nov 12 some very fine folks who make up the Social Justice Commission will spend the day reflecting upon and discussing the D&P Action Program, A Deanery’s Spotlight on Social Justice, as well as the... Read More
Last Saturday’s joint workshop held between both Social Justice and Development and Peace was considered a success. Eighteen people attended the event which was lead by Armella Sonntag and myself . Everyone seemed to agree it was very informative and resulted in some very thought provoking and  interesting conversations. Presently I am preparing for tomorrow’s one hour presentation to be given at the Lifelong Learning Centre in Regina from 12am to 1pm. The presentation will... Read More
Archdiocesan Social Justice Coordinator, Bert Pitzel and Regional D&P Animator, Armella Sonntag will be co-hosting a Social Justice Leadership Workshop to network, receive basic tools for social justice leadership in the parish and to become familiar with the D&P fall campaign. Assistance will be offered for newly installed social justice chairs. A leadership guide will be supplied. Included in the day’s agenda will be preparation and training for the D&P Fall Action Campaign on... Read More
I recently watched the movie The Last Hangman, a story based in part on the autobiography of Albert Pierrepoint, the British hangman who, according to the film, hanged 602 people between 1933 and 1955. He had been able to carry out this life work anonymously until he became a controversial public figure after Field Marshall Montgomery chose him to hang convicted Nazi war criminals. To rationalize his career choice, Albert told himself that the hanging purified the person, making him/her... Read More


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