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What isn’t being discussed in political campaigns or in mainstream media...Canada and 11 other Pacific Rim nations have agreed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership -- the largest and potentially most damaging regional trade accord in history, that would tie together 40 percent of the world’s economy. Fortunately, the battle isn't over. The TPP must still pass Parliament. That's where you can come in. If you don’t like where this is headed, please call your Member of Parliament and voice your... Read More
The earth ‘cries out because of the harm we have inflicted on her.’ As a consequence, and by our own hand, once predictable and favorable weather patterns take deadly aim at us. This is a new experience, is it not? What was formerly a pretty benign exchange of work and fruit, has become a kind of wrath delivered at the hands of an ‘upset’ nature. It is as if we have fashioned an earthly gun which we now point at ourselves. What can be done to confront the alliance of arrogance and greed that... Read More
For more than 30 years, many parishes of the Archdiocese of Regina have been diligent in their duty to sponsor refugees. Over the past 4 years, about 75 refugee-sponsorships have arrived in Regina. However, 100 are still to arrive, explained by the fact that the processing time is now between 4 to 5 years. Over the past number of years, the desire to sponsor refugees has been severely constrained by new policies instituted by the federal government. Because of the large unprocessed backlog... Read More
My overview of Pope Francis’ Encyclical, Laudato S:
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The words offered by Justice Murray Sinclair, chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, are purposefully hard hitting. What follows is a taste of what he wrote. Sit with his words for a while and you will feel their impact.  “In the period from Confederation until the decision to close residential schools was taken in this country in 1969, Canada clearly participated in a period of cultural genocide.”“They (those attending residential schools) were stripped of their self-... Read More
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There are the many, politicians and academics included, who will tell you that Anti-Terrorism Bill C-51 is really about next October’s election. By ramping up fear, so the explanation goes, Canadian thinking will be paralyzed to the point that voters will focus on electing a sheriff-like Prime Minister, supported by a host of badged MPs. If security of Canada is the real issue, it is hard to understand why the current Federal Government is not tackling the real threats to Canada-- child poverty... Read More
Injustices and environmental degradation make it abundantly clear that society is in serious need of reconstruction. What is the dream?  How about a vision of personal fulfillment and peace for all instead of visions of power and profit for a few? Here is the big surprise--good campaigns for the transformation of the world can be run by a few committed people, functioning in the basements of churches throughout the Archdiocese, seeking to be a catalyst for the change.The Church’s... Read More


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