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It is not easy to tackle the silence and public indifference that surrounds the condition of dementia. Yet Matthew Dineen has been doing just that since June of 2013.The widespread interest garnered by his family story gave him the privilege of speaking at the Global Dementia Legacy Event in Ottawa, Sept 2014, and at the International Conference on Frontotemporal Degeneration, Vancouver, Oct, 2014. Now Matthew is asking the Church to throw its weight behind Private Bill C-356, a... Read More
 There are a significant number of people who will tell  you that the mindset that drives the current criminal justice system is in need of a serious make-over. They will say that the system, with its punishment mentality, its 'one size fits all' and 'get tough on crime' calls for transformative action.Therefore it's not surpising that you can find professionals and volunteers, both in and outside the... Read More
After attending the Catholic Refugee conference in Pickering, Ontario in  2010, I became much more aware of  the persecutions that were being inflicted on Iraqi Christians,  as well as the cry for help that they were sending  out to the Pope and Catholic Bishops of the world. In discussions with Bishop Dan, upon returning to Regina, we decided to form a group of concerned parishioners who would be interested in helping to decide... Read More
I begin this blog by reviewing material that can be found circulating in Regina, material which has been the subject of different conversations.Starting in February 2015, Regina high schools, both public and Catholic, will be offering an army training program. The program has 2 course components: a) Canadian Studies 30, a required course for graduation; and b) Basic Military Qualifications 30L, an elective. Students who take Basic Military Qualifications 30L... Read More
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As I wandered through the Labour Day Family Picnic held in the west lawns of the legislative building, Sept 1st, 2014, I wasn’t able to detect any kind of Provincial Government’s presence. It would have been heartening had there been one, considering the good will that would have been generated when unionized workers and their families were told of the protection that their government’s watchfulness over the common good had brought them.A quick walk around the tents and tables yielded some... Read More
Please note the following, received from Rev.Patrick Powers, General Secretary of the CCCB:All of us, together with Pope Francis, are following with deep concern the dramatic news reports coming from Iraq, Gaza and Syria. Defenseless populations,  including our  Christian brothers and sisters, flee from their homes, in urgent need for protection, food, shelter and medical assistance. In solidarity with their sufferings, and in communion with the whole Church, let us, in the words of... Read More
Currently I sit on 3 committees which are planning conferences for this fall; accordingly, I would like to use this blog to point to  these upcoming events, some of which you might be able to attend.Moose Jaw, Oct 18th, Archdiocesan Social Justice in Motion Conference, to be held in Vanier Collegiate Moose Jaw, Sask., with keynote speaker Bishop Daniel Bohan, addressing the impact that Pope Francis is having on the Church and its mission. The conference will feature topics... Read More


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