At the moment, because of diverse and strong opinions that are the reactions to the SPLA Convention (Saskatchwan ProLife Association) to be hosted in Weyburn, April 11, 12 with controversial speaker Peter LaBarbera on the agenda, I’m feeling some anguish, especially because I’m a member of the Reverence for Life Commission and Coordinator of Social Jusitce. "His radical homosexual agenda is offensive",some say. "His words are only directed to... Read More
On December 20th, 2013 the Supreme Court of Canada struck down the prostitution laws. It gave the government one year to come up with a new law. Legalizing brothels and decriminalizing prostitution in Canada will inevitably lead to increased sex trafficking and child exploitation.In highly developed countries such as Sweden, Norway and Iceland there has been massive success in decriminalizing those being sold while criminalizing the purchase of sexual acts. The sex trade in Sweden has almost... Read More
How greatly we welcome words that have the power to touch with hope and Joy! And this, we can say, is what happens when the words carry the distinctive tone of generosity, always felt among friends present to one another. Don't we, in search of Friendship, willingly plunge, each Lent into into the pious practices of fasting, prayer and almsgiving? In so doing, we are reaching forward to Easter to celebrate the Passover, that great... Read More
Come to Holy Trinity, March 10th, or Christ the Redeemer, April 6th A party of four FOTO members (Friends on the Outside) will make their way to Holy Trinity, Regina, March 10, 7pm, then to Christ the Redeemer, Swift Current, April 6th, 11am, to offer the gathered a glimpse into a common sense way of doing justice. The presentation is an integrated and inter-reactive approach in which…Sister ReAnne Letourneau begins by giving a taste of the work of FOTO. At the heart... Read More
In his new year’s message, Pope Francis assures us that peace can be attained and enjoyed but only if  it is the creative work of solidarity and a persevering commitment to the common good. He reminds us that peace is an indivisible good; either it is the good for all or it is the good of none.This, he says, means NOT being guided by a desire for profit or a thirst for power. What is needed, rather, is to lose ourselves for the sake of... Read More
Sometimes when it was my turn to ‘get the cows’, I would have to take my search beyond the open pasture, right through the thick of a treed area, wide and tall. The silence of the cow bell would sent me there, for I knew that ‘no bell sound’ meant that the small herd would be resting quietly in the shade of some trees after having had a hearty feast of an afternoon of grass munching. Every once in a while, during the course of the search, I would stumble across completely unexpectedly, a... Read More
I was at the door of Victory Church by 6:30 pm on Nov. 19th curious about how the event planned by Freedom Catalyst Regina would go. I confess that I came with some reservations, but I did want to meet the people who were behind the promotion. But by the time it was over I, together with the others in attendance, were clearly moved.  I don’t think anyone suspected that the Church proper we entered would hold us captive-- by what we heard and saw.After a few munchies, we were introduced to... Read More


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