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I was at the door of Victory Church by 6:30 pm on Nov. 19th curious about how the event planned by Freedom Catalyst Regina would go. I confess that I came with some reservations, but I did want to meet the people who were behind the promotion. But by the time it was over I, together with the others in attendance, were clearly moved.  I don’t think anyone suspected that the Church proper we entered would hold us captive-- by what we heard and saw.After a few munchies, we were introduced to... Read More
Most Remembrance Day Celebrations tell of the ultimate sacrifice soldiers have made and the gratitude owed them, because they have won freedom for each of us and for our country. I am waiting for the day when celebrations include prayers that go to the heart of the question of war. Could not prayers be prayed that go something like this? “For those who pull the levers of power, that they hear the cry of Pope Paul to the U.N.-- that there be war no more.” Can winning a war that is fought... Read More
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Please note the following information provided by Bruce Ellergodt, co-chair of Freedom Catalyst Regina. Bruce, with the help of a revealing film, Red Light, Green Light, wishes to explore ways to respond to the tragic disfigurement brought on by human trafficking.I hope readers will be motivated to support and work with our Evangelical brothers and sisters in their effort to provide leadership in addressing this intolerable social stain.  Invitation to the first Saskatchewan screening of... Read More
Typically the word ‘sex-offender’ conjures up fear and disgust in the public, confirming what the body of inmates behind bars believes—these offenders are the lowest of the low, humans who are no longer human. Social media coverage conveys much the same message, though often done implicitly, through the pictures and words chosen and repeated. “Throw away the key.”In the face of this very serious matter it is important to look with the light shining out of the letter that Amanda Richter... Read More
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Today’s blog is taken from Abdul Ali’s meeting report on the Archdiocesan Sponsorship of Iraqi Refugees. Abdul is the Archdiocesan Refugee Field Worker.The Iraqi Refugee Sponsorship Committee met on Sept 6, 2013 at 7:00 pm. at Holy Child parish. The financial report showed that to date approximately $30,000 has been collected, sufficient to consider sponsoring two more families.Now to get to the surprising part...Currently there is no list of Iraqi Christian names itemized under the... Read More
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I will vote YES on Sept 25.On Sept 25, citizens of the City of Regina will vote on the following referendum question: That the Council of the City of Regina publicly finance, operate and maintain the new wastewater treatment plant for Regina though a traditional Design, Bid, Build (DBB) approach.Regina City Council tells citizens to vote NO to paying more, to losing 58.5 million in Federal funding. But their position brings us face to face with a major concern: has City Council willingly,... Read More
For about half my 17-year term as Coordinator of Social Justice, I had the distinct privilege of teaming up with key and spirited parish leaders. Every get-together was an exercise in discernment, a focus on planning an Archdiocesan conference, one with the substance that would be able to move participants from thoughts and words to some much needed action.With the help of hand-picked facilitators and presenters, each year’s conference offered insight into one... Read More


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