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Did you hear the following prayer at Mass this weekend?For each of us as we work together to build a culture that respects all human life from conception to natural death; for healing for those affected by abortion; and for the grace to extend compassionate support to those struggling to make life-giving decisions.If your parish has, it is because your liturgy chairperson has been doing her/his job! Just last week, the Commission for Reverence for Life requested liturgy chairs of every parish... Read More
By proclaiming ‘Celebration of Life’ month and appointing the ‘Reverence for Life’ Commission To Download the Archbishop's Proclamation To The Faithful Click Here, Archbishop Bohan has asked the Archdiocese to take a gigantic step forward in promoting and protecting life in its fullness. Essentially, he has called the Archdiocesan Church to fix its gaze beyond the superficial and to be led by the true light found in the depths of the conscience.One can usually recognize at a glance... Read More
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Today’s blog will offer you a brief peek into my last 3 working days.Jan. 15, 2013·         7:30 to 9am—I was up early to attend a breakfast meeting hosted by Regina Catholic Separate School Trustees.The breakfast was a time to hear from various groups about the meaningful contributions their organizations will be making to Catholic education. Among the many gathered were representatives from CWL, Kof C, Visitation House,and Campion College. I attended to... Read More
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Blog, Dec 7, 2012 In the afterglow of our recent Restorative Justice workshop, FOTO is hoping to repeat the Restorative Justice experience offered at Holy Child Nov. 29th. We already have an interested parish… How about yours? If interested, just contact the Social Justice Office. The presentation at Holy Child included the material I gave you in a previous blog, Nov. 23d, as well as the following Restorative Justice approaches currently being used in different circumstances. These approaches... Read More
What do you think about the prayer-reflection given at last night's very successful Restorative Justice gathering held at Holy Child? Anyway, here it is...Tonight we gather to ponder different forms of ‘justice’. It is customary to say, “if you’ve broken the law, be a man, stand up and face the music.” But others might be quick to ask, “But what kind of music are you talking about? Is it an attempt to teach, through varying degrees of punishment, to... Read More
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Many parish-bulletins will include the following announcement this weekend: Restorative Justice Reflection Evening- To  be held Thursday, November 29, 7 p.m. at Holy Child, 2636 7th Ave. East.  “Come and learn more about restorative justice from presenters from Friends on the Outside and Circle Project who will share personal life stories. Facilitated by Bert Pitzel, Social Justice Coordinator of the Archdiocese of Regina, this evening is designed to call us to reflect on our need to... Read More
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Stan Sorscher's 12 Cookie Joke copied below, is a jolting reminder of how badly the world needs the economy of communion that Pope Benedict frequently advocates. An economy of communion upholds the canons of justice in every stage of economic activity, be it financing, location of resources, production or consumption. Such an approach, open to the genuine friendships that good business practices harbour, however, can be very trying because it requires global... Read More


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