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"My life in prison has been one continuous event of cries, sorrows, antipathies and despairs. Thirty-four years of animal screams, murders and suicides. The penitentiary system has never touched me with a rose. FOTO has touched me, and I love them greatly." Rik McWhinney.Friends on the Outside offers friendship, support, hope and encouragement to inmates and former inmates, their families and friends. FOTO meets every Thursday 6:30 pm for coffee, conversation and laughter at Western Pizza... Read More
I was asked to respond to the question, “What is the Social Justice Office doing for the Unborn”,to 17 Diocesan representatives who had gathered for the 6th Annual Western Social Justice Conference, held in Edmonton, Oct 11, 12, 13, 2012Click here and You will find the upshot of my presentation in Edmonton in the attachment included. 
Vital thoughts churned in my mind as I pondered the signs and balloons that hung over the chain-of- life- demonstrators stationed on Albert St, Sept 30, and as I began recalling critical features of Pope John Paul’s Encyclical ‘Gospel of Life’. Just what kind of sign would I have designed if I had come prepared? I concluded that it would have to be one that would make people think. Of course the problem would be that in a culture dominated by efficiency, very few would... Read More
Blog, Oct 1, 2012UNIVERSITY OF REGINA DEPORTATIONS Victoria Ordu and Ihuoma are two University of Regina Students from Nigeria who have taken sanctuary in a Church. They face a deportation order for unknowingly violating the terms of their student visas by working at Walmart. Their friends and friends of human decency ask that you rally to support them.Where? 1871 Hamilton St. Regina.When? Wednesday Oct 3,Time? 12 noon to 1pm     
Blog, Sept 21, 2012On two previous occasions, May 22 and May 29, I dedicated blogs to disclose the workings of a pretty exceptional group. The group, which I like to call G-10, is a committee of 10 people intent on planning actions to advance a culture of life in a world that is mostly oblivious to the plight of the unborn.Given that the group has had about a dozen more meetings since the May meetings, I think it’s time for an update!After explaining to Bishop Dan the important initiative that... Read More
On Sept 21, 2012, the second hour of debate on Motion 312 will take place. The Motion asks that a committee of 12 Members of Parliament  be struck to discuss, using the latest medical and scientific evidence, when human life begins. On Sept 26th, this Motion will be voted on in the House of Commons.  Motion 312 is in response to a 400-year-old law which says that you will be recognized as human only after you have been born.  With Parliament poised to defeat the initiative,... Read More
I write this blog on behalf of Judy Peterson who has been lobbying  for nearly a decade for legislation that would enact Lindsey’s Law.  The Bill would add Missing Persons and Unidentified Human Remains to the National DNA Data Bank. Judy is the mother of Lindsey Jill Nicholls, missing since Aug. 2, 1993.As the family of Dylan Koshman, missing since Oct 11, 2008 says, “the missing should have rights: the right to be found, the right for justice, the right for peace, and the right to... Read More


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