I didn’t get to both days of the MyGen rally but I was really impressed with what I did see on Sunday.  I took in  a couple of breakout sessions Sunday afternoon the presenters were young adults, a couple of the 70 who volunteered to help out over the two days.They were articulate, animated and used humour in their presentation and for the most part were able to hold the attention of their teen-age audiences, but teens being teens and a dance the night before and few were head nodding... Read More
Mother Teresa is now a Saint. Proclaimed to that title September 4, by Pope Francis, a day before the 19th anniversary of her death September 5 1997.St. Peter’s square was packed, as usual, for the ceremony and while most of the coverage was positive there remain a few dissenters that the move was too soon after her death. The same thing was said of St. John Paul II who was canonized April 27, 2015 just nine years after his April 2 2005 death. St. John XXIII was Canonized at the same time as... Read More
September is here, the children are back in school, the garden is almost completely harvested except for some corn, potatoes and several squash. Not a bad crop this year. Time to get back to the usual routine.Us Catholics lament the state of our faith in the western world, but Reginald Bibby, in his new book co-authored with pollster Angus Reid, says Catholics today are doing well thanks largely to immigration. Three thousand people were polled in 2015 by the Angus Reid group.The Western... Read More
We haven’t heard the end of the Euthanasia, medically assisted suicide, and whatever other euphemism is employed to describe legal murder, debate.The House of Commons and the Canadian Senate passed Bill C-14 which makes medically assisted suicide legal, but the bill does not go as far the Supreme Court ruling in the Carter Case. The result is very likely to mean more court challenges to force the federal government, through the Supreme Court, and I’ll say more about that in a moment, to widen... Read More
The Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly opened as normal on May 17 with the opening prayer which has garnered some recent criticism. Here’s what the controversy, or what passes as controversy, is all about.Present us O Lord in all our doings, with Thy Most gracious favour; and further us with Thy continual help, that in all our works, begun, continued and ended in Thee, we may glorify Thy Holy Name, and finally by Thy Mercy, attain everlasting life.Amen.This all came about because of a Supreme... Read More
Pope Francis recent pronouncements on contraception, marriage and the family has rattled the more conservative folks in our Roman Catholic Church. He hasn’t changed doctrine but he seems to have stretched the envelope quite a bit.Take for example his comment that “contraception is the least evil” when referring to the Zika virus infecting South American countries and now making its way into the southern U.S. The mosquito borne virus appears to infect children in the womb and they are born with... Read More
Since the Assisted suicide issue has arisen I’ve been writing about lack of a moral compass that seems to have infected our people and the consequence of that. A solid example of that has surfaced in Quebec where the Quebec College of Physicians has issued an ethics bulletin to its members.It seems some emergency room doctors have refused to provide antidotes for patients that have attempted suicide by poisoning, reasoning that the suicide attempt was evidence the individual wanted to die. The... Read More
It’s here and we simply have to deal with it. Physician Assisted Suicide, euthanasia, compassionate alleviation of the suffering and pain or whatever euphemism you wish to put on it, is simply killing people.The Supreme Court gave the new Liberal government a four-month extension to get a law in place and supposedly somewhere in the bureaucratic complex that is government, someone or some group is trying to put something together. The current law against such procedures is still in force but it... Read More
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