Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin is a republican and probably considered to be on the Right side of the political spectrum as are most Republicans but he had some interesting things to day about culture, following the Florida school shootings. He sees the cause as a culture of violence that exists in the U.S and I believe what he says about that can apply equally in Canada.

what do you expect Bevin says when we have lost all respect for human life. there isn’t a kid under 12 that hasn’t been exposed to pornography that shows no respect for women; Violent video games that award points if you go back and finish off someone who has been wounded. Since abortion has become legal, more than 50-million babies have been destroyed and with some states now making assisted suicide legal, we have doctors not preserving life but taking life,. there is no respect for human life neither at the beginning nor the end of life.

When he was a child guns were brought on to school busses and into schools but we weren’t killing each other. the number of households that have guns hasn’t changed much since he was young but we didn’t go around killing each other, he continued. Passing tighter gun laws isn’t the solution, he said. (I support tough gun laws by the way.)   we need to have an honest discussion of the culture of violence in this country according to the Kentucky Governor.

I wrote in one of my first blogs on this site, I know it was a long time ago, that Canada has lost it’s moral compass with legalized abortion and assisted suicide. I believe the people who support those culture changes believed they were giving women kore control over their bodies and at the other end, relieving people of their suffering.

No thought was given to what that teaches our children about respect for human life.

The western world was developed on basic Judaic and Christian principals ( the 10 commandments, the beatitudes come to mind, and we’ve forgotten that those principles, They  gave  order to society with respect for human life.

without the moral compass those principals dictated, there is no order, no direction and anything goes.

the violence in society in our western world is not going to change unless the culture changes. He is right that there needs to be a serious discussion about the direction our society is taking. You can hear the whole statement if you to Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin and click on his comments about guns and culture.

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