We have had a number of questions about whose responsibility it is to have the Adult Volunteer Information Form completed by new people to ministries.  It continues to be the responsibility of the Parish Volunteer Screening Committee.  Each year the committee needs to review, in coordination with the Pastor and Office staff, who needs to complete forms for General Security or High Security. The committee members then go to the parishioners starting new ministries to complete the... Read More
As coordinators for the Protocol for Responsible Parish Ministry, Leona and I want to thank all of the Parish Volunteer Screening Committees for doing such a great job.  Most parishes have completed or are very close to completing the process.  We are proud of all of the parishioners in the Archdiocese of Regina who understand the importance of doing whatever is necessary to protect our children, elderly and vulnerable.  We often forget that the goal is also... Read More
As I was struggling with what to blog about I looked up and saw the following quote on my calendar:"The Spirit and the bride say, "Come!" And let him who hears say, "Come!"  Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life."  Revelation 22:17A lovely quote imprinted on a beautiful sunset picture.  It is a beautiful day here in Regina and a good day to be thankful for what we have.  We are quite fortunate to live in Canada... Read More
One of the strongest recommendation for encouraging people to come to your parish is by creating a warm and welcoming environment.Think of yourself.  If the service was good and the people were pleasant you will go back to the business.  If you go to an event and you had a good time you will plan to go back again.  If the parking was awful, no one was there to assist you, and nobody smiled or said good morning/afternoon, we will probably not go back.Ask yourself if you would even... Read More
The weather is beautiful. Hot and sunny!! Saskatchewan is beautiful and we can once again water our lawns in Regina. I had the privilege to attend a Confirmation and First Eucharist Celebration on the weekend. The children were so excited to receive the Body of Christ and the Gift of the Holy Spirit. Fifty years after Vatican II, it is still important to the parents to have their young girls dressed in beautiful white dresses. The veils are gone, replaced with flowers and bows. The... Read More
Good day to everyone! The sun has returned so it is looking like it will continue to be a beautiful day. Last spring and summer there were approximately 30 parishes that were beginning the protocol process. Our contract for the this position finishes at the end of June, so we will be attempting to complete an audit in each of these parishes before that date. Sharon and I are looking forward to travelling through southern Saskatchewan again. The landscape is beautiful and each parish... Read More
The headlines in the media continue to reinforce the need to be vigilant in thoroughly screening our volunteers.  Especially those volunteers who are working with our vulnerable parishoners.  Although no method can guarantee 100% the 'goodness' of any individual, it helps.  References, one on one interviews and criminal record checks combined can provide some sense of security.  Life has shown that shortcuts are not acceptable and that we really do not know everyone. ... Read More


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