Welcome to sASK-a-Theologian, my Q & A format blog to aid me in my work as Archdiocesan Theologian.

The most famous definition of theology is that of St. Anselm of Canterbury who called it fides quarens intellectum, that is, faith seeking understanding.  And faith seeks understanding precisely by asking questions! It is an unfortunate fact that some Catholics have been given the false impression that they should not ask questions when doubts or problems arise in the context of the Christian life. But the Church has never taught this! In fact, Catholicism has always insisted on the compatibility of faith and reason and has always encouraged us to ask questions because questions are precisely the place where our reason and our faith can become more fully integrated.

This blog exists to offer a forum for the Catholics of the Archdiocese of Regina to put their questions about the faith to a professional theologian, someone who has made the study of questions about the faith his life's work.  If you have a question for sASK-a-Theologian, kindly send it to bretzkyathotmail [dot] com.  I'll do my best to answer it, and I may even recommend some further resources.

Another part of my work is to answer questions in person as a speaker at various events.  This blog also features answers I have given in those contexts, in video and/or text formats.



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