Oh My!

It has been over a year since the Protocol Department posted a blog.  I guess one would have to say that Sharon and I are not frequent bloggers. 

It has been a few years since we began the Screening Process for volunteers in Parishes.  And as we become more comfortable with the process, I hope we have not become more lax.

It is still important to screen people and keep our records up to date.  It would probably be a good idea to check on the dates of the Criminal Record checks on file.  Some may need to be updated or will soon need to be updated.  Sending out early reminders could allow indiviudals a bit of a 'buffer' as to getting a updated CRC.  Five years is the rule of thumb for renewal.

Our job has been expanded this year to include Employment Policies, Employment Contracts, Employee Work environments --basically a Human Resources component.  Any questions you may have about hiring, job retention or work environments, we are the people to call.

I will start to discuss the concept of WorkPlace Harassment in future blogs.

If you have specific topics or questions you would like answered just let us know.

Until the next time (which will be sooner than a year) stay warm!

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