This summer I definitely needed some time to come away and rest awhile.So, I decided to take a few days on my own at the cabin.  I took a couple of things to do, a couple books to read, my Bible (and a study guide), my journal.The first few days were about settling in and watching a couple of movies.  Some time was spent in praise and prayer for my family and for a couple of others who came to mind.  I read a lot too, novels, and at late night, read scripture and mulled over it a... Read More
These days my thoughts keep drifting towards Christmas Day.  How the day will look, who will come and how to spend the day?   Plans about food are the most consuming.    I am part of a cookie share this year, so that will be fun.   I look forward to the walk to Mass on Christmas Day.  I live on a tree lined street, with several other Catholic families.   So as we walk in the snow to Church, families ahead of mine and families behind – it... Read More
When I was growing up, going to the lake was always one of my favorite things to do.  There was swimming, playing in the sand, watching water skiers and boats go past me as I sat and gazed at the open water. I could sit on the swing and read for hours.  I took long walks to the natural spring just to feel the coolness of the water and the smooth stones under my feet.  Those are still some of my favorite things to do. Not favored so much by me, but was by my Dad, was fishing... Read More
My family has been going through some tough stuff this past little while.   My children’s grandmother has passed away.  She was 94 years old, a happy, good, caring woman.  She loved to laugh, to go shopping and to cook for her children.   She lived a long, fruitful, strong Catholic life. She was a mother to me.Each member of our family sits with our own memories, memories of our love for her, her love for us, memories of family times, some good and some not so good... Read More
 It’s the time for prayer, abstinence from meat on Ash Wednesday and Fridays,  fasting on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday and almsgiving.During Lent, I take the time to ponder some of God’s requests of me.  Like, can I fast and pray? Or, can I sit with the broken-hearted?I know that in the end, God requires nothing from me, but to love Him and love others as myself.  I do love God and want to have God glorified, so, I am willing to put aside some of the things I would rather... Read More
We were having coffee one day at the Diocesan Centre and I was telling people @ work that I’d had trouble sleeping, that I was concerned about something.  So that’s when Archbishop Daniel said to me,  “Put it in the God box. When I have something that is keeping me awake – I put it in the God box and leave it there.  And then I go to sleep.” There was a simpleness of faith in that statement.I have marveled at that comment more than once, as I have mulled over something in... Read More
The other day I was looking through my Dad’s photo album (from when he was a young man).   I was looking for a particular picture – but didn’t find it.What I was very excited to find though, was on the last page of the album, two photos.The page was entitled St. Mary’s….Regina.  The photos were of St. Mary’s Church.   But, it was the interior of Blessed Sacrament Church.  So I knew right away that the photo was taken prior to 1933.  History tells us that St.... Read More


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