This summer I definitely needed some time to come away and rest awhile.

So, I decided to take a few days on my own at the cabin.  I took a couple of things to do, a couple books to read, my Bible (and a study guide), my journal.

The first few days were about settling in and watching a couple of movies.  Some time was spent in praise and prayer for my family and for a couple of others who came to mind.  I read a lot too, novels, and at late night, read scripture and mulled over it a bit before turning out the light.

Part of my plan for my time away was to have food at the ready in case people dropped by.  So I made plenty of spaghetti sauce, a beef roast and cucumber salad to keep in the fridge.  That, I decided, with salad and cold canned peaches – I’m ready for company.

Strolling around the lanes and walking down to the beach is a restful part of life there. On one evening, down at the community boat launch there was a lone pelican drifting out on the water – therein lies peace I think!

Here’s a section from my journal:

Day three - I woke up to the sound of a squirrel running across the roof.  They might be living under the deck.   If I go outside to have a cup of coffee, one or more of them natter at me.  They think they run the place.

Today is the day for crafting.  I have been deciding to try knitting again, but I have to say – I think I have set the bar a little too high.  (Melissa at work is a champion knitter and I was hoping it wouldn’t take me too long to get started) Wrong!!  It takes me a lot of focus and all my attention.  Let’s just say that after ripping everything back to start again more and more times, I haven’t quite given up – but I did buy a crochet hook.

I decided to try block printing today. I bought a couple of carving tools and several white artist erasers to carve. I chose a simple pattern, and once the erasers are carved, will print them Warhol style. Hopefully this won’t be another knitting experiment.  We’ll see. It is fun to try new things and then if I like it, to try and perfect it to my own standards.

I spent time with my Bible and study.

Day four – early morning, I was thinking about my Mom.  I was thinking about putting up a picture of her.  There is one that brings a smile to my face every time (and these days, a tear to my eye).  Its Mom dressed in her muumuu, and she’s coming out of the biffy (outhouse if you prefer).  She is sticking her head out to see if there is somebody there and it’s safe to come out. (p.s. my Mom loved a good joke, and with so many kids, there was always someone who just had to trick her.)   It’s a black and white photo.  I think I’ll get a frame for it.

She died years ago. It’s funny (not ha ha funny) how you can still miss a person 40 years later.  I wonder to myself – why now – why at this time?  Self care is something we hear about these days.  How is my self care?  Am I missing a mother at this time in my life?  I am!

God reminds me that I am well cared for, safe, complete, in Him.  After a bit, listening, I thought I should go for a walk.  So I got dressed quickly and wandered out of our yard, looking past the lilac bushes, down into the lane.   That’s when I saw Anne.  She is a neighbor out at the beach, two doors down to the north.  She spends several days out there, on and off over the summer.  A woman in her 80’s, she was out for a stroll going up and down the lane.  So I said hello, caught up with her and walked, listening to her as we did.  Remembering my morning, I thanked God for her.  

A couple of hours later, again prompted by the Holy Spirit, I went out.  This time I walked to the beach and back, then seeing another neighbor, said hello – being delighted to see her, as I so rarely did.  She is also in her 80’s, walking with a cane.  She let me know that she was moving away the next day.  We walked and talked.  She told me of all the news from the street, both past and present.  Both of us were enjoying our little visit and our time together.  These events were really about God sending me out – to give and to receive.   I gave to God my praise for His sending me out.  I gave my attention and laughter and memories to both of the women who were there.  I received from God the prompting to go out.  I received from both women that which I had been missing from my self – a mother, an older woman sharing their time with me.  God was providing for all of us that day.  God was blessing me, us.  It brings tears to my eyes (even still).  God is good! 

I spent some time resting and in the Word.

Day five – It’s not a quiet day here today – a neighbor is getting new shingles on their roof and a septic tank across the way is being emptied.   It’s also getting hot already – it’s supposed to be 32 C today.

I think the next craft I will try is a memory box.  I will make one with some of the memories from the cabin – shells, stones, photos, some pieces of drift wood. I’ll spend some time walking on the beach to find some items. I need to be careful that my few days at the beach don’t become another list of to-dos.   Help me God!

There’s a scripture – "I do what I should not and don’t do what I should" (Romans 7:15)   – well, I’ve been sitting too much.  I need to be getting up and exercising more. I am after all a temple of the Holy Ghost.  I should be looking after that temple – so the scripture applies here.  And even tho it is hot today – a walk after supper would be best and also some exercises would be good!  

Get up!!   Move.

(There are a lot of I’s in this.  I counted 51 --- it is my journal after all.) 

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