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Help Wanted

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Pastoral & Youth Ministry Coordinator

Holy Family parish in regina has an exciting opportunity for someone to work with the Pastor to build relationships with the children, youth and staff at our schools within parish boundaries.  The individual will also work with the Pastor with some of the everyday parish life tasks.  This is a permanent full-time position, flexible working hours to accommodate the few times you would work in the evenings delivering programs or assisting the Pastor. A click here to view a detailed job description or call Jeanette at 306 949-7678, or by e-mailing her at jeanetteatholyfamilyregina [dot] ca (jeanette@holyfamilyregina.c)jeanetteatholyfamilyregina [dot] ca (a) 

Pager Relievers

The Archdiocese is seeking Pager Relievers to assist Roman Catholic Hospital Chaplains by carrying a pager when Chaplains are away from the hospital.

Education requirements:

One unit of CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) or certificate of Pastoral Studies
Parish Home Ministry of Care course from the RQ Health Region and/or Stephen Ministry
Orientation at the hospital(s) where the Pager Reliever will serve
An honorarium is offered from the Archdiocese for this service.

Spiritual Care Providers

The mystery of sickness and death is a reality in our lives. Jesus' response to suffering in his time was to give comfort to the sick and to heal. We are invited to do the same

The Archdiocese is seeking Spiritual Care Providers to assist Roman Catholic Hospital Chaplains and Coordinators of Spiritual Care in our Health Care facilities.

Other services would include pastoral care visiting, portering, music ministry, communion ministry.

A course in Basics of Spiritual Care giving / Parish Home Ministry of Care course from the RQ Health Region and/or Stephen Ministry
Orientation of the health care facility where the spiritual care provider will serve
There is no honorarium provided for this service.

For further information and appointments please contact:
Bob Kowalchuk
Director of Pastoral Services
352-1651 ext. 236