Home Program of the Born of the Spirit Series

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The Home Program is an edition of the Canadian Born of the Spirit Series, designed to be followed in a family setting, respecting parents as the "first and best catechists". The new General Directory for Catechesis, (GDC) states that "family catechesis precedes…and enriches all other forms of catechesis" (# 226). It also states that "catechesis is the responsibility of the entire Christian community" (#220). 

One option for use includes a true correspondence model, with exchange being made with volunteer facilitators at the Pastoral Office who guide and offer positive reinforcement.  Another option is that the parish set up its own team to journey with the children and their families. Consultation with the Home Program Office and familiarity with Diocesan policy is a prerequisite for using this approach within the parish. The list of scenarios below will help you determine if the Home Program may be the most suitable form of instruction for your parish. For more information contact the Home Program Coordinator at 352-1651.

Home Program Scenarios
The Home Program may be the preferred method of catechesis in your parish when the following scenarios describe your situation or circumstance: 

  • When the young people attend public schools and have no access to a parish catechetical program. 
  • When young people belong to parishes that do not offer a catechetical program due to lack of catechists.
  • When small numbers at a year or grade level makes the Parish Edition inappropriate and/or difficult to follow. 
  • When "Home School" families wish to integrate a faith based program into their curriculum 

If any of these scenarios describe you or your parish, you can explore all the possibilities by calling the Home Program Coordinator at 352-1651.

What Is It?
The Home Program is an at-home study of the Catholic faith, designed for Canadian families, with the same content as the school and parish editions. It is administered by the Catechetics Department of the Archdiocese of Regina.

The “immediate preparation” for sacrament celebration is not the same as “long term” catechesis. In order to develop an in-depth, well-rounded grounding in our Catholic faith, it is important that, if your children attend public school and are not following a school or parish program, they enroll in the home correspondence format. The immediate preparation for the sacraments prepares one to celebrate (and “live”)  the sacrament; it does not provide the deeper formation offered in a year long process that takes you through the liturgical seasons of the Church year. The Home Program is not considered “sacramental preparation.”

For Whom is it Most Suitable?
Anyone from Years 1 – 9 who does not attend a Catholic school, and does not have the opportunity or cannot follow a program offered by their parish.

How Long Is It?
September through May. Years 1 - 9 consist of 20 themes each, 

How Does One Enroll?
Complete and mail the registration form that is available on the Archdiocesan website to:

Catechetics Department
Archdiocese of Regina 
445 Broad Street North
Regina, SK S4R 2X8
Fax: 306-545-0510

When Is Best Time to Enroll?
Preferred time is August to early September.

What Is The Cost?
There is a cost recovery charge for materials. Prices are in accordance with National Office price listings. 

Registration fee, postage and handling is subject to the number of children in the family (fees can range from $21 to $59 depending upon materials and options selected). 

Computer Option Available for Grade 10, 11, and 12 Home Program Students
Saskatoon Catholic School Division Cyber School is willing to offer Christian Ethics 10, 20, and 30 online to any secondary student in the province of Saskatchewan.

The Christian Ethics courses are also available to students 17- 22 years of age not enrolled in school who wish to enrich their faith.

The Home Program Office of the Archdiocese of Regina encourages secondary students of the Archdiocese who are not attending Catholic high schools to enrich their faith by enrolling in Christian Ethics Online from Saskatoon Catholic Cyber School.

The advantages to taking Christian Ethics Online include:

  • You receive provincial credit from Sask Learning
  • You can take the course from anywhere you have internet access
  • You can take the course on your own time
  • You receive feedback and instruction from highly trained cyber teachers
  • You interact with students from across the province
  • You can interact with the Cyber School Chaplain 
  • You learn new computer skills
  • You learn more about your Christian faith
  • You come closer to Jesus

Find out more about Christian Ethics Online.

You can also contact Darren Cannell, Assistant Principal, Saskatoon Catholic Cyber School, at 306-659-7700.