Archbishop's Appeal Kick-Off

SEPTEMBER 21, 2017

By Frank Flegel


"As disciples of Jesus we are called to be bearers of hope,” said Archbishop Donald Bolen as he addressed the Kick-off activities for the Archbishop’s Appeal held September 21 at Our Lady of Peace Church.

Progress Of Regina Archdiocese Pastoral Plan

There are several issues facing progress for the Regina Archdiocese Pastoral Plan and one of them is support of pastors, said Archbishop Daniel Bohan in a recent address to Chancery office staff. 

One of his jobs in moving the plan forward, he said, is to keep the pastors interested. “Stewardship is the first major step in bringing the Pastoral Plan and my job is to keep encouraging the pastors to promote the plan,” he said.

Vision Quest Pastoral Plan Implementation Of The Vision

A long range pastoral plan, seven years in the making, is about to be implemented by the Regina Roman Catholic Archdiocese. 

The process began in 2001 originating with the Council of Priests concerned about what appeared to be the lack a long range plan for the future of the Archdiocese. A Vision Quest committee was subsequently formed under the chairmanship of Reverend John Weckend; deanery, parish, archdiocesan pastoral councils and the council of priests were consulted and input was sought through laity gatherings.

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