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The 50th Anniversary of Humanae Vitae at the beautiful shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes in Rama, SK was recently celebrated by One More Soul Canada and the Rama parish of St. Anthony. Parents, clergy and professionals sought support and guidance in Christian marriage and family life while the children enjoyed crafts, entertainment, sports and games supplied by Rama’s balloon man, Steven Halifax,  the Myriam Sisters of Regina and Saskatoon Diocesan youth coordinator, Colm Leyne.

The July 13-15th celebration in Rama, focused on the keys to a happy, healthy marriage as Blessed Pope Paul VI wrote in his timely Letter in 1968. Of Human Life clarified and restated the 2000 year old teaching of Holy Mother Church which seeks only the good of her children. “We are deeply convinced that this is truly a great work, both for the world and for the Church, since man cannot find true happiness, toward which he aspires with all his being, other than by respecting the laws inscribed by God in...

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By Frank Flegel, Special to Grandin Media

Their children lead them to Couples for Christ.

Joel and Jo Ong’s children joined a CFC youth group at their local parish in Regina. Now the Ongs themselves have joined – and, in fact, lead – their local chapter of Couples for Christ, a worldwide association focused on charity and strengthening Christian families.

“They have a good program for kids … and the Church teachings help us to grow as a couple,” said Joel Ong, noting that the Regina chapter of CFC has grown to 98 couples from two in 2009.

Couples for Christ advocates traditional marriage and family values, believing that strong marriages lead to strong families which – in turn – build a strong Catholic Church and society.
CFC originated in Manila, Philippines, and today is a lay ecclesial community of than a million members in 122 groups worldwide. In Canada, CFC has 14,000 members, most of whom have a Filipino background.

“An invaluable sign of...

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I am pleased to share with you an advance copy of the CCCB’s statement marking the 50th anniversary of the Encyclical Humanæ Vitæ, which falls on 25 July 2018. The text, titled The Joy of Married Love, presents the teaching of Humanæ Vitæ in an accessible and uplifting style aimed at inspiring and providing encouragement to married couples. It was developed jointly between the CCCB’s Commission for Doctrine and The Catholic Organization for Life and Family (COLF).....

Attached, for your convenience, are a single-page version and one in which the pages are laid out in spreads for printing as a booklet. The statement will also be available shortly on the CCCB website in PDF format. While the CCCB is not providing printed copies, the text can be reproduced and circulated at your discretion, both freely and without charge, within your diocese/eparchy.  


The  Joy of Married Love - single page: iN ENGLISH  or EN...

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Confirmation Season 2018

Last updated on July 24, 2018

By Frank Flegel

“In all my years as bishop, confirmations have never gone quite as well,” said Regina Archbishop Donald Bolen. The Archbishop conferred the Sacrament of Confirmation in 29 parishes throughout the archdiocese this year.

Bolen made the focus of each occasion, “the many ways in which we can come to trust that God loves us, starting with how creation speaks to us, and how the human condition itselfis an expression of God’s love, and culminating in the boundless love of God revealed in the dying and rising of Jesus and the sending of the Holy Spirit.” The children were engaged in a question and answer format that invited them to think about the many ways that God enters into a loving conversation with us, including the sacraments of Eucharist and Confirmation.

He said he is always mindful in Confirmation homilies that he is striving to speak to the kids at an age level they can understand, but also speaking to parents, some of whom who may have onlya...

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St. Catherine's Celebrates 50th

Last updated on June 19, 2018

The 50th anniversary of St. Catherine Community School was celebrated on Saturday, June 9th. Many former staff, students and community members returned to celebrate among them were: Mr. Harvey Kennedy (principal 1968-1978) and the first two teachers, Mrs. Vivian Paget and Mrs. Gwen Gibney. The day started with a liturgy led by Father Brian Meredith, pastor of Holy Child parish. The school choir was led by Ms. Kaczmarski and Ms. La. After the liturgy, the community enjoyed a carnival program. Thank you to all of our guests and staff for this great event!

Urban New CEO of Catholic Family Services

Last updated on March 6, 2018

By Frank Flegel

Catholic Family Services Society of Regina CEO Sandi Urban, is feeling quite comfortable in her role; she moved into the position 11 months ago. Urban became Executive Director of CFSS April 1, 2017 after the retirement of David Sax.  Sax had 34 years of service with the agency, 21 of those as Executive Director.

Urban is a mother of four who spent 15 years at Sasktel after obtaining a B.A. English from the University of Saskatchewan. She accepted a voluntary retirement package from SaskTel to become a stay-at home mom when the crown corporation went through a downsizing exercise.  She was elected a Trustee with the Prairie Valley School Division and during her time there was elected to the executive committee of the Saskatchewan School Board Association and served as president of the provincial organization, followed by a year as President of the Canadian School Board Trustees Association.

She describes herself as a policy wonk and began...

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RCSD Annual Elector's Meeting

Last updated on February 12, 2018



FEBRUARY 5, 2018

By Frank Flegel

Premier Scott Moe had a nice surprise for Saskatchewan school boards, on February 5. Flanked by new Education Minister Gordon Wyant and Dr. Shawn Davidson, President of the Saskatchewan School Boards Association, the Premier announced “interim” financing of $7.5 million dollars for financially hard-pressed school boards and a promise of more to come in the new 2018-2019 budget, which is due out April 10. 

“We will get about $450,000.00 of that to direct to our staffing needs,” said Domenic Scuglia, Director of Education for the Regina Catholic School Division, shortly after the government’s announcement. The $7.5 million will be distributed to all school divisions according to a formula.  “That’s exceptionally good news for us. We will work with the senior team to identify where the gaps and pressures are and how to staff accordingly.”  

Scuglia was...

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Student Board Members At 1st Meeting

Last updated on March 22, 2018

By Frank Flegel

Bronwyn Heerspink said she was quite pleased at the reception she and two of her Miller High School classmates received when they attended their first meeting of the Regina Catholic School Division’s Board of Trustees February 5 meeting.

“I was a little bit worried. It’s kind of daunting when you first go in at the start but it’s very open, very welcoming and I felt quite comfortable.” Heerspink is one of several high school students, elected by students at their schools to become student Board members for the Regina Catholic School Division. She initially thought that as student trustees they would be just “poster children to sit there with a smile on their faces,” but she came to realize differently. “They really do care about our opinion and our voices and that’s very comforting.”   

The idea for this venture originated with the division’s Director of Education, Domenic Scuglia. He joined the Division last year from Ontario where student...

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February 23-Pray and Fast For Peace

Last updated on February 8, 2018

Pope Francis has invited Roman Catholics, all Christians and members of other religions to observe Feb. 23 as a day of prayer, fasting and initiatives for peace.

On Sunday Pope Francis while addressing tens of thousands of people in St. Peter’s Square for his weekly blessing, urged everyone to ‘say no’ to violence and conflict. The appeal is because of the “tragic prolonging” of conflicts around the world.

Feb. 23 is a Friday in the first full week of season of Lent, during which fasting from food and extra acts of charity are encouraged as a sign of penitence. Pope Francis said “everyone, in their own consciences, before God, should ask ‘what can I do for peace?’”
“Surely, we can pray but not only: each one of us can say ‘no’ to violence in their own way, because victories obtained through violence are false victories while working for peace benefits all,” he said.  He specifically invited non-Catholics and non-Christians to join the initiative in any way they...

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“The state has a legitimate interest in protecting the unborn”
Statement on the 30th anniversary of the Morgentaler Decision


Exactly thirty years ago, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that existing abortion provisions in our nation’s Criminal Code violated a woman’s Charter rights to the security of person, and were thus unconstitutional. Since that ruling, there has been no criminal law regulating abortion in Canada. Yet, Mr. Justice Gerard Mitchell, retired Chief Justice of Prince Edward Island, has noted that at the time of the 1988 Morgentaler decision, “none of the seven judges held that there was a constitutional right to abortion on demand”. In fact, “all of the judges acknowledged [that] the state has a legitimate interest in protecting the unborn”.


Despite the heroic efforts of countless Canadian citizens and organizations to secure in law that full protection for the unborn, a succession of federal governments has failed...

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