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Life Chain

Last updated on August 22, 2017

Each year in Regina, there are approximately 900 lives lost because of induced abortion at the General Hosptial. Join the 1,600 other communities across North America to prayerfully recognize the lifes lost to abortion in Saskatchewan and around the world.

(Corner of Albert Street and College Avenue) - Parking is available around the Royal Saskatchewan Museum


Sponsored by Regina Pro-Life - For more information please contact us at 306-569-1985 or at rplasasktel [dot] net

Event begins on October 1, 2017

Our Parishes Report

Last updated on August 22, 2017

By Frank Flegel

A summary of the Regina Archdiocesan parish reports confirm the obvious, fewer people are regularly attending Mass but it also contains a positive surprise in the growth of youth ministry. “Ten years ago, four of the 134 parishes in the Archdiocese had youth ministry programs and there are now 27,” said Director of Pastoral Services Robert Kowalchuk who compiled the summary. “That’s an 800 per cent growth and that says there is a real, strong concern and investment in (faith by) our youth.”                                                                                                           

The Archdiocese has always collected data from parishes, and in 2003 switched to electronic data collecting which allowed for more detailed information and the ability to do some long-term data analysis and develop trend lines. “It has led us to a pretty robust discussion on how the Church is changing and what the responses are for the Church,” said Kowalchuk....

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Vacation Bible School

Last updated on August 22, 2017

This week Christ The King Parish in Regina has been hosting their annual Vacation Bible School. Running consistently for the past 9 years, VBS Director and Pastoral Assistant Laura O’Reilly, along with an army of volunteers who serve as station leaders, crew leaders, stage-hands, skit teams and kitchen crews have helped this faith-filled and inspiring program grow from 40 to 150 kids! This year Lay Formation Coordinator and ‘Thinking Faith!’ podcast co-host Eric Gurash was honored to help lead their Bible Discovery Station. Be on the look out for his upcoming podcast about the experience including interviews with some of the leaders, volunteers and coordinators who helped touch the lives of so many children and their families this summer!


Holocaust Organizers, Surprize Teachers

Last updated on August 15, 2017

By Frank Flegel

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men is the opening line of a 1930s radio drama. It came to mind while interviewing one of four Regina Catholic School Division teachers who took part in a summer course and tour of the infamous holocaust concentration camps in Germany and Poland.

Ada Paez teaches history at M.C. O’Neil Catholic High School in Regina. “I always thought they had to be mad, insane, but they were ordinary intelligent men who sat down at breakfast in Wannsee House, Germany, (a suburb of Berlin) a beautiful location by a lake, and methodically planned what do about what they called ‘the Jewish problem’. It was actually quite shocking. You look at these men - they all had PhDs - they were extremely smart, they were not idiots and they came up with this plan. It makes you wonder - How?” said Paez. She has a degree in European history and on one of her own travels visited Dachau, one of the more infamous of the extermination camps. “I...

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St. Luke's School Speaking about Gratitude

Last updated on July 11, 2017

Oct. 20, 2017                     Give talk on “Gratitude” at St. Luke School, 625 Elphinstone St., Regina at 10:00 am.

Event begins on October 20, 2017

100th Anniversary of Campion College Events

Last updated on September 19, 2017

100th Aniv. Of Campion College Events

Campion College is turning 100 and everyone is welcome to the party! Join us October 4-8 as we highlight our past and look toward our next 100 years! We would be honoured if you would join us.

Connect with old and new friends at the welcome social, taste our distinct brand of beer and coffee at the pub night, see our Jesuit values come alive at the Alumni of Distinction Gala Dinner (honoring four of our many wonderful alumni) and explore

Campion’s story through archives and yearbooks! Over the course of these events hundreds of friends and alumni will gather to celebrate a century of forming others. Everyone who has been impacted, involved, interested in, and connected to Campion is welcome to attend our commemorative events that demonstrate our vast and rich history...

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Event begins on October 4, 2017
Repeats every week every Sunday and every Friday and every Saturday until Sun Oct 08 2017.

St. Nicholas School Blessing

Last updated on July 5, 2017

Sept. 22, 2017    Blessing of new school – St. Nicholas, 7651 Mapleford Blvd, Regina – 9:30 am

Event begins on September 22, 2017

St. Elizabeth School Blessing

Last updated on July 5, 2017

               Sept. 20, 2017    Blessing of new school – St. Elizabeth, 5149 Green Brooks Way, Regina  - 9:30 am

By Frank Flegel

Newcomers to the province through Regina will now have additional help as they improve their English language skills and learn what it takes to obtain and keep a job in their new country. Regina’s Catholic Family Services Society (CFSS) opened its newcomer centre June 28 at the request and help of Immigration Canada. 

“Immigration Canada identified missing needs for newcomers and approached CFSS last year and requested the organization develop programs to meet those needs. CFSS was provided with a grant of $1.4-million to get a program up and running. We are targeting folks who have lower level English than what traditional employment counselling service does, with a focus on youth and women,” said Sandra Urban, newly appointed CFSS Executive Director. She was appointed April 1, 2017, following the retirement of David Sax.

Catholic Family Services had unsuccessfully applied to Immigration Canada for other programs and their application was kept...

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Sacred Heart School Blessing

Last updated on June 29, 2017


JUNE 23, 2017

By Frank Flegel

June 23 was an appropriate day for the blessing and official opening of Sacred Heart School as it was the day of the Feast of the Sacred Heart, a most solemn day held 19 days after Pentecost on a Friday. Archbishop Donald Bolen, in his brief remarks before he blessed the school, talked about the meaning of the Sacred Heart as a symbol of God’s love for us. “It’s a beautiful thing to have that name for a school. It is the heart of this community and it’s in the heart of the city so it’s going to be a beautiful example and symbol of the kind of world we want to build and we want to live in.” With that he moved around the gathering area where guests and students were seated, blessing them and the school with holy water. He also visited the various classrooms and other areas of the school, blessing them as he moved throughout the school. 

The Archbishop took the occasion to announce that come...

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