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Regina Catholic Schools Moving in Faith

Last updated on May 19, 2016

It couldn’t have been a better day.

Sunshine, little wind, temperature remained around 20c with just a little smoke in the air from the Fort McMurray fires but not enough to create a health hazard. It was the 7th annual Movement in Faith for the Regina Catholic School Division and this year, almost 1200, students staff, families and friends showed up at the Canada Summer Games Park to celebrate their faith, be physically active and just have fun. “It’s a testament to the work of the committee and the way that’s being advertised and word-of-mouth year after year people are understanding that it’s a great event for families and staff and faith building within their communities (schools) so its great to see our numbers increase,” said committee chair Graham Hayes, Physical Education and Health Consultant for the school division.

Each year, a particular charity is chosen for support and this year the Marian Centre, a downtown Regina soup kitchen, was selected. The Centre...

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REGINA……Just one resolution was presented at this year’s annual Regina Archdiocese CWL convention held April 17,18 at Holy Child Parish calling for a standard for print on over the counter medication containers. Carol Deters, Chair of the CWL’s Standing Committee on Education and Health introduced the resolution. “People have trouble reading the ingredients because the print is so small.” As well, she said, sometimes it is placed in a location that makes it harder to read. The resolution will eventually make its way to the national convention. Deters also suggested in her report that medical schools have to be taught about palliative care.

Winnipeg Archbishop Emeritus James Weisgerber delivered three talks on the Year of Mercy, proclaimed by Pope Francis. He also spoke about the Pope’s latest writing Amore Laetitia, the Joy of Love as “a wonderfully positive message.” Jesus is the mercy of God", said Weisgerber, “he shows us how to be human,” and he described how Jesus was...

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Going Through Tough Stuff

Last updated on April 20, 2016

My family has been going through some tough stuff this past little while.   My children’s grandmother has passed away.  She was 94 years old, a happy, good, caring woman.  She loved to laugh, to go shopping and to cook for her children.   She lived a long, fruitful, strong Catholic life. She was a mother to me.

Each member of our family sits with our own memories, memories of our love for her, her love for us, memories of family times, some good and some not so good. Our household is kind of quiet these days.   It is a place of sadness. 

One thing that I notice about myself is that I tend to get a little too introspective.  This is part of my MO anyway.  I am a very introspective person.  I never watch dramas or movies that could make me cry – I tend to ask other people’s advice on whether or not to watch something, on whether or not it made them cry.  I always think, there’s been enough crying in my life – I certainly don’t need to cry on purpose.  

Now is a...

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Effective May 1, 2016 - Catholic Family Services is moving to 160 McIntosh St., Regina, S4R 4Z4.  Our phone and fax numbers will remain the same.

Please update your references, forward this email to all departments or post for all staff to see.

Accommodations for Young Women in Regina

Last updated on April 5, 2016

The Sisters of the Presentation of Mary have a house on Pells Drive, a quick fifteen or twenty minute walk to the University of Regina.  We welcome young women who are looking for room and board.  Residents have enjoyed our meals, our company, our support and a place that responds to their need for quiet and study.

For more information please contact: Sister Emma Rousseau

5 Pells Drive

Regina, Sk  S4S 4S8

Phone: (306) 584-3652

E-mail: erousseau03 [at] gmail.com

Faith-based community experience for 19-35 year old single Catholic women.

If you looking for  “affordable rent” and more…. Discernment House may be the place for you.

The Sisters of the Presentation offer you a home away from home.   As you work or study, this program offers you the opportunity to live a community experience and to grow in your personal faith through prayer, reflection, spiritual direction and service.  Located at 851 University Drive, Saskatoon, Sask.  - 15 minute walk from University of Saskatchewan, close to downtown. Taking registrations for September  2016

For more information contact : Sr. Lucie/Sr Viviane 306-244-0726   Email:  sk.dhouse [at] gmail.com () Website:  www.presentationofmary.ca

Parishioners from St. Joseph Candiac, Our Lady of the Rosary, Glenavon, St. Ignatius, Kendal and St. Aloysius, Fillmore joined with  Sacred Heart Parish in Montmartre on Good Friday to walk the Stations of the Cross through town.  The procession began at noon and lasted until 2 p.m. After an hour's rest, parishioners then joined in to celebrate the Good Friday liturgy together.


REGINA…….It ended on a hill, not unlike Golgotha, where they hanged him from a cross after parading him to various Regina landmarks. They are Grade eight students from Deshaye and St. Dominic, Regina Catholic schools and their teachers, who re-enacted the route Christ was taken on His journey to the Cross. It began at 1 p.m. and ended about 3 p.m. March 23 on the hill  at the east end of Regina’s Wascana Lake.   They began in the parking lot of Holy Rosary Cathedral and followed a five kilometer route that had them stop at Regina landmarks; Holy Rosary Cathedral, the Catholic School Board building, First Presbyterian Church, the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, historic buildings on College avenue one of the city’s major arteries, the CBC building then through Wascana Park to the hill near Douglas Park games fields. There the Crucifixion was re-enacted by nailing Grade eight St. Dominic student, Liam Harding, to the cross. Huge nails were hammered between Harding`s fingers enabling him to... Read More

K of C Focus on Re-building Domestic Church

Last updated on March 17, 2016

”Our Supreme Council has re-looked at; are we doing as much as we can to be involved in our parishes, to be as supportive of the ministry of our clergy,” said Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus (K of C) State Secretary Brian Schatz in a March 15 interview with the PM. He and Guy Precourt Membership and Program Consultant for the Supreme Council presented this re-focus to priests, members of K of C and guests who met at Holy Child Church the afternoon prior to the Chrism Mass celebrated that evening.

The idea of the special presentation came from Holy Child Pastor Reverend Danilo Rafael who heard Precourt at a priest gathering held in February and was so impressed he felt it should be heard by more priests.

It began with a 25-minute video of Supreme Knight Carl Anderson delivering a speech he gave at a K of C mid-term meeting in San Antonio late in 2015. He described the new initiative as a re-focus on traditional activities for the Knights.

“The Knights were...

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