Catholic Education in the Archdiocese

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Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Separate School Division  #22

Director - Geri Hall
502 - 6th Ave. N.E.
Moose Jaw, SK. S6H 4P8
Phone: 306-694-5333
Fax: 306-692-2238 

Swift Current Office
2180 Woodrow Lloyd Pl
Swift Current, SK. S9H 5R2
Phone: 306-778-4666 
Fax: 306-778-4730 

Christ the King School
P.O. Box 1330
Shaunavon, SK. S0N 2M0
Phone: 306-297-2321
Fax: 306-297-2321

Ecole St-Margaret
495 - 5th Ave NE
Moose Jaw SK S6H 0J9
Phone: 306-694-4044
Fax: 306-692-3488

Phoenix Academy
278 4th Ave. N.E.
Moose Jaw, SK. S6H 0C6
Phone: 306-694-1289 

Sacred Heart School
1020 12th Ave. SW.
Moose Jaw, SK. S6H 5X8
Phone: 306-694-1622
Fax: 306-694-4883

St. Agnes School
330 Oxford St. W.
Moose Jaw, SK. S6H 2P2
Phone: 306-694-1767
Fax: 306-692-0475 

St. Mary School
720-5th Ave SW
Moose Jaw, SK. S6H 5W3
Phone: 306-694-0066
Fax: 306-692-4045

St. Michael School
1111 Brown St. W
Moose Jaw, SK. S6H 4L2
Phone: 306-693-7693
Fax: 306-692-2135

All Saints Catholic
2180 Woodrow Lloyd Place
Swift Current, SK S9H 5R2
Phone: 306-773-2460
Fax: 306-773-7361

Vanier School
324 MacDonald St. W
Moose Jaw, SK. S6H 2V4
Phone: 306-693-6744
Fax: 306-693-6830 


Christ The Teacher Roman Catholic Separate School Division #212

45A Palliser Way
Yorkton, SK. S3N 4C5
Director: Barb MacKesey
Phone: 306-783-8787
Fax: 306-783-4992 
Email: officeatyorktoncatholicschools [dot] com

Dreambuilders High School (Grades 9-12)

345 Broadway St. W
Yorkton, SK   S3N 0N8
Phone: 306-782-0901
Fax: 306-782-0902 

St. Alphonsus School
81 Henderson Street,
Yorkton, SK. S3N 0A8
Phone: 306-783-4121
Fax: 306-782-3077

St. Henry Jr. High
(Grades K to 5)
Box 2680, 840 Main Street
Melville, SK. S0A 2P0
Phone: 306-728-4758
Fax: 306-728-2078 

St. Henry Sr. School
(Grades 5-9)
Box 520, 1255 Prince Edward St.
Melville, SK. S0A 2P0
Phone: 306-728-3877
Fax: 306-728-4507

St. Mary School
212 Independent Street,
Yorkton, SK. S3N 0S8
Phone: 306-782-2889
Fax: 306-782-6477

St. Michael School
407 Darlington Street East,
Yorkton, SK. S3N 2L6
Phone: 306-782-4407
Fax: 306-782-4408 

St. Paul School
487 Parkview Road,
Yorkton, SK. S3N 2L6
Phone: 306-783-9212
Fax: 306-786-6729

St. Theodore School
Box 420
Theodore, Sask. S0A 4C0
Phone: 306-647-2762
Fax: 306-647-2024

Sacred Heart High School
280 Gladstone Ave N
Yorkton, SK. S3N 2A8
Phone: 306-783-3128
Fax: 306-783-8406


Holy Family Roman Catholic Separate School Division  #140


#103-433 4th St. NE
Weyburn, SK. S4H 0Y8
Director: Gwen Keith
Phone: 306-842-7025 (Weyburn)
Fax: 306-842-7033 (Weyburn)
Email: office [dot] weyburnatholyfamilyrcssd [dot] ca

St. Augustine Elementary School
Box 10
28 Wallace Street
Wilcox, SK. S0G 5E0
Phone: 306-732-2077 
Fax: 306-732-4743
Email: loretta [dot] ryanatholyfamilyrcssd [dot] ca

St. Mary School
615 Arthur Ave
Estevan, SK. S4A 1S9
Phone: 306-634-3541
Fax: 306-634-1088
Email: office [dot] stmarysatholyfamilyrcssd [dot] ca

Sacred Heart Elementary School
1846 Gibbs Rd
Estevan, SK. S4A1Y2
Phone: 306-634-4249
Fax: 306-634-2585

École Sacré Coeur
1846 Gibbs Road
Estevan, SK. S4A1Y2
Phone: 306-634-4249
Fax:  306-634-4205
Email:  janine [dot] waldneratholyfamilyrcccsd [dot] ca 

St. Michael School 
422–13th Avenue N.E.
Weyburn, SK. S4H 1L3
Phone: 306-842-2860
Fax: 306-842-6964 
Email:  office [dot] stmichaelatholyfamilyrcssd [dot] ca ()

St. Oliver School
325 Beckwell Ave.
Box 460
Radville, SK. S0C 2G0
Phone: 306-869-3221
Fax: 306-869-3259
Email: mary [dot] doudatholyfamilyrcssd [dot] ca 


Regina Roman Catholic Separate School Division #81

2160 Cameron Street
Director: Domenic Scuglia
Phone: 306-791-7200 
Fax: 306-347-7699

Archbishop M.C. O’Neill High School
134 Argyle St.
Regina, SK. S4R 4C3
Phone: 306-791-7240
Fax: 306-949-0814
Deshaye Catholic School
37 Cameron Cr.
Regina, SK. S4S 2X1
Phone: 306-791-7270
Fax: 306-791-6807 

Dr. Martin Leboldus High School
2330-25th Ave.
Regina, SK. S4S 4E6
Phone: 306-791-7250
Fax: 306-585-0411
Holy Rosary Community School
3118-14th Ave.
Regina, SK. S4T 1R9
Phone: 306-791-7280
Fax: 306-791-3557

Jean Vanier School
425-15th Ave.
Regina, SK. S4N 0V1
Phone: 306-791-7285
Fax: 306-791-3513

Michael A. Riffel High School
5757 Rochdale Blvd.
Regina, SK. S4X 3P5
Phone: 306-791-7260
Fax: 306-543-0068

Miller High School
1027 College Ave.
Regina, SK.S4P 1A7
Phone: 306-791-7230
Fax: 306-569-7424

Sacred Heart Community School 
1314 Elphinstone St.
Regina, SK. S4T 3M4
Phone: 306-791-7290
Fax: 306-791-3589

Ecole St. Angela Merici 
(Dual Track - French/English)
6823 Gillmore Dr.
Regina, SK. S4X 4J3 
Phone: 306-791-7305
Fax: 306-791-0000

St. Augustine Community School
2343 Edgar St.
Regina, SK. S4N 3L2
Phone: 306-791-7310
Fax: 306-791-3563

St. Bernadette School
727 N. McIntosh St.
Regina, SK. S4R 6E4
Phone: 306-791-7320
Fax: 306-791-3540

St. Catherine School
150 Brotherton Ave.
Regina, SK. S4N 0J7
Phone: 306-791-7325
Fax: 306-791-3542

St. Dominic Savio School
195 Windfield Rd.
Regina, SK. S4V 0E9
Phone: 306-791-7330
Fax: 306-791-3514

Ecole St. Elizabeth
(French Immersion)
5149 E Green Brooks Way
Phone: 306-791-7300
Email: stelizabethschoolatrcsd [dot] ca

St. Francis School
45 Mikkelson Dr.
Regina, SK. S4T 6B7
Phone: 306-791-7335
Fax: 306-791-3545

St. Gabriel School
3150 Windsor Park Rd.
Regina, SK. S4V 3A1
Phone: 306-791-1717
Fax: 306-791-1711

St. Gregory School
302 Upland Dr.
Regina, SK. S4R 5X3
Phone: 306-791-7340
Fax: 306-791-3556

St. Jerome School
770 Rink Ave.
Regina, SK .S4X 1V8
Phone: 306.791-7345
Fax: 306.791-3539

St. Joan of Arc School
10 Dempsey Ave.
Regina, SK. S4T 7H9
Phone: 306-791-7350
Fax: 306-791-3584

St. Josaphat School
140 Greenwood Crescent
Regina, SK .S4X 1G4
Phone: 306-791-7355
Fax: 306-791-3522

St. Kateri Tekakawitha School 
(Dual Track)
4415 James Hill Road
Regina, SK. S4W 0R9
Phone: 306-791-1785
Email: stkaterischoolatrcsd [dot] ca

St. Luke School
625 Elphinstone St.
Regina, SK. S4T 3L1
Phone: 306-791-7248
Fax: 306-791-3520

St. Marguerite Bourgeoys School
2910 E. Shooter Dr.
Regina, SK. S4V 0Y7
Phone: 306-791-7360
Fax: 306-791-6806

Ecole St. Mary 
(French Immersion)
140 N. McIntosh St.
Regina, SK. S4R 4Z9
Phone: 306-791-7365
Fax: 306-791-3599

St. Matthew School
4710 Castle Rd.
Regina, SK. S4S 4X1
Phone: 306-791-7370
Fax: 306-791-3558

St. Michael Community School 
431 Hamilton St.
Regina, SK. S4R 2A8
Phone: 306-791-7375
Fax: 306-791-6803

St. Nicholas
7651 Mapleford Boulevard
Regina, SK. S4Y 0C6
Phone: 306-791-1780
St. Peter School 
150 Argyle St.
Regina, SK. S4R 4C3
Phone: 306-791-7380
Fax: 306-791-3554

Ecole St. Pius X
(French Immersion)
3301 Garnet St.
Regina, SK. S4S 1X8
Phone: 306-791-7385
Fax: 306-791-3528

St. Theresa School
2707-7th Ave. E.
Regina, SK. S4N 5E8
Phone: 306-791-7390
Fax: 306-789-8986
St. Timothy School
280 Sangster Blvd.
Regina, SK. S4R 7H5
Phone: 306-791-7395
Fax: 306-791-3547

Athol Murray College of Notre Dame 
Independant Residential High School
P.O. Box 100 
49 Main Street
Wilcox, SK S0G 5E0 Canada
Phone: 306-732-2080 
Fax 306-732-4409
Email: infoatnotredame [dot] ca

Mother Teresa Middle School
1975 2nd Ave N
Regina, SK S4R 0Y1
Phone: 306-569-6867
Email:infoatmtmschoolregina [dot] com ( )infoatmtmschoolregina [dot] com

Campion College
University of Regina
3737 Wascana Parkway, Regina, SK
Canada S4S 0A2
Phone: 306-586-4242
Toll-Free: 1-800-667-7282
Email: campion [dot] collegeaturegina [dot] ca

Archdiocese of Regina
445 N. Broad St.
S4R 2X8 Regina , Saskatchewan
Phone: 306-352-1651
Saskatchewan CA
Very Rev. Lorne Crozon, V.G.
Vicar General
fatherlorne [at]
(306) 586-0449
(306) 586-0009