Catholic Story Time Begins

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Teresa Whalen Lux has initiated Catholic Story Time to encourage more use of the Archdiocesan Resource Centre (library).

Catholic Story Time is held every Thursday during the month of May for pre-schoolers accompanied with an adult to come, listen to children stories and take part in crafts. "The children can colour when they first come in, we read a short children's story. Then there are crafts and an interactive story then a children's biblical story. This week we told the story of the loaves and fishes," said Whalen Lux.

Whalen Lux said she is satisfied and happy with the results of this new initiative. Five children and their moms have come to the resource centre in the first couple of Thursdays in May. She intends the program to run to the end of May and begin again in the fall. "Yes, I'm happy with the results so far. We start with a few and hopefully it will grow."

Parishes were asked to include an announcement in their bulletins and will be asked to do so again in the fall.

The Resource Centre is located in the Archdiocesan office located in an old school on North Broad Street, Regina. The Centre contains something over 10,000 books, CDs videos, publications and pamphlets and is used mostly by parishes and priests. However, Whalen Lux pointed out, it is open to anyone and there is no charge for signing out any of the resources.

Catholic Story time happens at 10:30, every Thursday in May.