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Welcome! On this page you will find information, resources and support for your parish work. 

"Rebuilding Our Church" Capital Campaign Video

Are you a Parish Administrator? Here are links especially for you:

  COVID-19 Updates New

      Printable Parish Signage

          -Parish Closed Sign

          -Parish Open for Prayer Sign

          -Archdiocesan Staff Contact List

          -Livestream Mass Schedule(Including Holy Week)

          -Revive Your Parish - Free for 3 months New!


         -Cleaning and Disinfection for Public Facilities New

         -Church and Sacramental Guidelines for during the COVID-19 Pandemic New

     -Parish Pastoral Support Services 

     -World Day of the Sick Resources 2020 Updated January 30, 2020

     -Parish Report Forms Updated January 23, 2020!

     -Collection Count Templates for Parishes     

     -Special Collections   -Information: 2019-2021    -Descriptions

     -2019 Archbishop's Appeal Parish Manual

     -Chancery Office & Documents


Are you on your parish's Pastoral or Finance Council? Here are your links:

     -Parish Report Forms  (including Annual Financial Report, clergy salary documents and more)

     -Parish Pastoral and Finance Council Guidelines 

     -Parish Pastoral Support Services


     -Fall 2018 Congress presentation: Finance Roles - What do I need to know?

     -Chancery Office & Documents

     -Capital Fundraising

Are you a Catechist or Liturgy Planner or RCIA Co-ordinator or Music Planner for your parish? These links will help:

     -Catechetical Support for Parishes  New! Holy Week Resources for Parents

     -Guidelines and Resources for Sacraments, RCIA and Liturgical Seasons

    - Roman Missal/Liturgical Ministries

    - Liturgical Music Guidelines and Resources

    - What is Liturgy?

    - Liturgical Web Links

    - Rite of Election Memo 2019

Are you involved in a Deanery? Here's information for you:

     -Deanery Map

     -Archdiocesan Deanery Contacts

     -Council of Priests and Deans

Are you on the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council?

     -Archdiocesan Pastoral Council members

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