Ecumenical Officer

Nicholas Jesson, ecumenical officer

Nicholas came to the Archdiocese of Regina in summer 2017 after serving as the ecumenical officer in the diocese of Saskatoon for many years. He has a wealth of experience in local ecumenism and ecumenical dialogue.

He has served as the executive director of the Prairie Centre for Ecumenism (1994-99), ecumenical officer for Saskatoon (1994-99, and 2009-17), and bishop's assistant for ecumenical relations (2011-17). He has been a member of the national Roman Catholic-United Church of Canada dialogue since 2010, editor of the website of the International Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission (, editor of Ecumenism in Canada (, 1995-present), and is editor of the new Margaret O'Gara Ecumenical Dialogue Collection ( for the Canadian Council of Churches. Together with Archbishop Donald Bolen and Sr. Donna Geernaert, he is editor of Towards Unity: 500 Years after the Reformation (Novalis, 2017).

Nicholas currently serves as the chair of the Western Diocesan and Eparchial Coordinators of Ecumenism (WDECE) and has served in various capacities for the North American Academy of Ecumenists, the Canadian Theological Society, and the Canadian Evangelical Theological Association.

The Diocesan Ecumenical Officer
(from Directory for the Application of Principles and Norms on Ecumenism, Vatican, 1993)

41. In the dioceses, the Bishop should appoint a competent person as diocesan officer for ecumenical questions. He or she will serve as the animator of the diocesan ecumenical Commission and coordinate the Commission's activities as indicated below in n. 44 (or carry them out if such a Commission does not exist). As a close collaborator of the Bishop and with suitable assistance, this person will encourage various initiatives in the diocese for prayer for Christian unity, will work to see that ecumenical attitudes influence the activities of the diocese, identify special needs and keep the diocese informed about these. This officer is also responsible for representing the Catholic community in its relations with the other Churches and ecclesial Communities and their leaders and will facilitate contacts between the latter and the local Bishop, clergy and laity on various levels. Heshe will serve as counselor on ecumenical issues for the Bishop and other offices of the diocese and will facilitate the sharing of ecumenical expe- riences and initiatives with pastors and diocesan organizations. This officer will see to the maintenance of contacts with officers or commissions of other dioceses. Even in areas where Catholics are in majority, or in those dioceses with limited personnel or resources, it is recommended that such a diocesan officer be appointed to carry out the activities mentioned above in so far as these are possible or appropriate.

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