First Nations Ministry

Baptism and Confirmation

Rylan Bellegarde, Richelle Lee Asapace and Tyra Lee Bellegarde from Regina and Black Bear, wear their traditional dress
when they recieved the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation in June

File Hills Confirmation 2015

Archbishop celebrates Confirmation

Rev. John Meehan

File Hills Confirmation

Thank you to Sister Bernadette Feist for sending these pictures from Mary Immaculate Parish in File Hills. The second picture is Archbishop Daniel Bohan and Father Louis Kim with the 11 Confirmation and First Eucharist candidates taken April 12, 2015. The bottom picture was taken on Holy Saturday when Father John Meehan S.J. Baptised four and gave the sacraments of Confirmation and First Eucharist to 5 more. The people were called together with a drum song by Jason Agecoutay and Robert Bellegarde performed a smudge ceremony of the altar. Bibles were given to the families but the best gift one Confirmand said was "We saw our church, many churches, deaneries, histories, past and now... we belong." 

Immaculate Mary in Cree

Mission Statement

File Hills

We, the people involved in Regina Archdiocesan Native Ministry, will work in a co-operative effort through the Circle of ministers and the Circle of Elders to:

  1. More effectively serve the First Nations people.
  2. Jointly explore and determine pastoral approaches of Native Ministry.
  3. Jointly take responsibility for adequate church building and gathering places for ministry.
  4. Assist Native peoples in becoming more responsible for ministering in their respective regions..
  5. Promote positive attitudes toward Native Ministry.
Blessede Kateri

Honouring Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha

On October 21. 2012, we celebrated the canonization of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha. as SAINT Kateri. To commemorate this wonderful event and to be more closely connected to this happening in our Church, we have decided to  acknowledge others who have been a great part of ministering to First Nations people. To download the French text of the bilingual homily by Bishop Lionel Gendron at Mass of Thanksgiving for the Canonization of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha click here

Bishop Bolen and Fr. Lacasse
One of those people is Fr. Jean-Marie Lacasse omi, who has served in the Perigord region for over four decades.  and became closely and personally connected to the Lestock and area Native Ministry, as well as the Valley Native Ministry Program. A Certificate of Special Recognition from the Regina Archdiocese was presented to Father Lacasse, by Dorothy Sentes from Lestock. (on behalf of Father Wojciech Wojtkowiak O.M.I. and Sister Bernadette Feist OSU on Sunday May 27, 2012 in Perigod Sask.
Sr. Staudt Sister Gemma Staudt O.S.U.  was also recognized. She served   as a Missionary with the Carry The Kettle First Nation and area for many years. Even though she is retired, her ministry hasn’t ended as she continues to visit, mentor, listen, and pray. 
Ecclesiastes tells us there is a time to plant - to sow - to reap, This is the time to be grateful for their dedicated and generous service to the First Nations people over the years.

What's New

Campion Controversies Lecture Series

Last updated on September 22, 2016

Indigenous people in the United States endured similar conditions as Indigenous people in Canada; residential schools, discrimination, etc. but in Canada we rarely hear about them. That changed a little for an audience who attended the September 13 eighth annual Campion Controversies Lecture series held in the Riffel Auditorium, Campion College University of Regina. Patrick Twohy S.J. and Christina Roberts, both working with Indigenous people of Washington State described their experiences; Twohy working and living with coastal tribes and Roberts raising awareness about Indigenous rights at Seattle University.

Twohy has been among coastal tribes for about 40 years. He has written two books on the life and spirituality of the coastal tribes; Finding a Way Home: Indian and Catholic Spiritual Paths of the Plateau Tribe and Beginnings: A Meditation on Coast Salish Lifeways. He described the difficulty as he began his ministry with the coastal. “I knew nothing and I knew I knew...

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He spoke for about an hour, without referring to notes. He was animated and passionate and easily quoted dates, listed treaties, the Indian Act, and milestones in parliament important to First Nations. Chief Perry Bellegarde, Chief of the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) was the guest lecturer for the eighth annual Moving Forward Together Lecture sponsored by the University of Regina and its federated colleges; Luther College, Campion College and the First Nations University of Canada (FNuv). “It’s about bringing everyone together and working collaboratively,” he said of the lecture series. It was held September 12 in the FNuv Atrium.  He was also the last speaker in a three-day FNuv 40th anniversary celebration, formerly Saskatchewan Indian Federated College (SIFC).”

The celebrations included special speakers, workshops, an art project and an announcement of a capital fund raising project to construct a memorial for every student that attended a residential school.


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New president for Catholic Missions In Canada

Last updated on September 1, 2016


New president for Catholic Missions In Canada  

TORONTO –Father David Reilander, a priest from Hamilton diocese and recently from Whitehorse diocese, has been appointed president of Catholic Missions In Canada (CMIC), an organization serving the Canadian home missions, effective September 1, 2016.

Fr. Reilander succeeds Father Philip Kennedy, who has visited many of the missions in Canada during his decade-long presidency, and served previously in parishes throughout the Archdiocese of Toronto and in ministries of the Diocese of Thunder Bay. After a year’s sabbatical, Fr. Kennedy will serve as pastor at a parish in the Archdiocese of Toronto.

Fr. Reilander joins the organization after spending the past few years as rector at Sacred Heart Cathedral in Whitehorse, Yukon, as well as serving in several missions in the Diocese of Whitehorse—the same ones supported by Catholic...

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A group of women from Regina’s North Central neighborhood is trying to do something to reduce violence in the area. They carry out patrols every Friday and Saturday from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m, not to get involved in any perceived violence but to encourage their neighbours to be more vigilant and to show they care.

“This came out of an initiative called North Central End the Violence,” said Shawna Oochoo, one of the organizers. The community began talking about what can be done to reduce violence following the February murder of a 26-year-old man in their community. Three teen-age boys along with a 22-year-old man were charged with the murder. “We held a community forum and a political forum and from those forums we began looking at what other communities are doing.” They looked to Winnipeg and the Bear Clan group that began patrols in the 1990s. It eventually faded away but was resurrected in 2015. “We looked at the success they’re having and how do we apply that to what we’re...

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Just a reminder that this Wednesday April 27th, is our monthly potluck and sharing circle. We are back at St. Mary's Anglican (corner of Montague and 15th ave). We'll begin around 5:30 for supper followed by circle. People are encouraged to bring their own dishes (plate, bowl, cup, utensils etc) but no worries if you forget as we can use the church's dishes.

This Friday April 29th there is an event held at the Royal Sask Museum entitled "Living Heritage Symposium". The theme is on truth and reconciliation. There will be different presentations as well as various artistic expressions (dance, poetry, art etc...) It runs from 8:30am to 4pm. If you want more details contact the Royal Sk Museum or check on line. Looks very interesting!

In celebration of First Nations University's 40th anniversary, U of R Press and Coteau Books are pleased to present a dual book launch for Blair Stonechild's "The Knowledge Seeker" and Louise Bernice Halfe's "Burning in this Midnight Dream...

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Version of Catholic Response to Document of Discovery and TN:

To download the English version click here

To download the French version click here

Catholic Response Call to Action:

To download the English version click here

To download the French version click here

Each year our Archdiocese commissions a unique quilt design to be donated to Catholic Missions in Canada. This year’s completed quilt arrived today.  Created by Elizabeth Yuzicappi-Cote of the Cote First Nation its beautiful, bright design really lit up our day.

“Catholic Missions In Canada seeks to sustain and extend the Catholic Faith in isolated, poor and hard-to-reach mission areas in Canada. These are communities where diocesan resources are insufficient to keep the Church alive. Catholic Missions promotes national awareness on the needs of our Canadian missions and raises funds to sustain the work of evangelization. - See more at:”

Jesuit Volunteers Canada

Last updated on January 26, 2016

Jesuit Volunteers Canada Now Accepting Applications for the 2016/2017 Program

Jesuit Volunteers Canada (JVC) is a year or two of service, where young adults live out the values of Christian spirituality, social and eco justice, community, and simple living. Current placement opportunities include working in First Nations communities, youth programing, community development and outreach, education, food justice, and working with those who experience urban poverty. Jesuit Volunteers Canada is currently accepting applications for September 2016 with possible communities and work placements in northern Ontario, Toronto and Regina. For more information visit or call 519-820-8204. JVC is part of a 50-year movement dedicated to inspiring young adults!

Please find attached the English and French versions of the 2015 Message for the Day of Prayer in Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples. It was agreed some years ago by the Permanent Council that this day of prayer be celebrated on December 12, the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas. This year, the members of the Canadian Catholic Aboriginal Council wish to provide a reflection on the commonalities between Catholicism and traditional indigenous spirituality. The original text of the message was drafted and approved by the Canadian Catholic Aboriginal Council, as well as reviewed by our Executive Committee in accordance with its earlier agreement with the Aboriginal Council. A summary of this text has been published in the December issue of Prions en Église and Living with Christ. The complete message is being posted on the CCCB website.

To download English version click here

To download shorter English version click here

To download French...

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Catholicism and Traditional Indigenous Spirituality – A Reflection on Commonalities

The National Day of Prayer in Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples has been celebrated on December 12 since 2002. The following reflection by the Canadian Catholic Aboriginal Council identifies areas of commonality found in Traditional Aboriginal spirituality and the Catholic faith, seeking to point out bridges for mutual understanding. These will hopefully lead to a deeper respect and appreciation among all Catholics toward traditional Indigenous spirituality, and at the same time show how Aboriginal Catholics see a relationship between their Catholic faith and their cultural and personal identity.

The belief in a benevolent Creator, a natural world that is good, the need to answer the call to live a life of virtue, and the importance of communication with the Creator are some of the elements that Catholic and Indigenous spiritualties have in common.

There is a similarity in...

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Sr. Re-Anne Letourneau
Sister Bernadette Feist
Native Ministry Circle Liaison