2020 Campaign

Dear Friends in Christ,  

God is at work in our midst.

He is transforming us and our world. Just as clay modeled by the hands of a potter becomes a beautiful vessel, so too does God's love transform our souls.

In Jesus, His life, death and resurrection, and in the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit, we have come to know the power and grace of God's transformative love. This love propels us to action, a sign of our faith and love of God.

Your contributions to the Archbishop's Appeal join with others throughout the Archdiocese, helping to bring God's transforming grace to places of need. May the Lord pour down abundant blessings on you and your parish community.

Yours in Christ,

Archbishop Donald Bolen,

Archdiocese of Regina

Hope in Every Season 2020 Appeal

From Doubt to Faith: Father Parker's Story


"Maybe the grace of baptism is real."

A single moment can change your life forever. For Father Parker Love, this happened twice. First, in witnessing his father's transformation through baptism. And second, in surviving an accident that left him paralyzed.

From Belief to Faith in Action: St. Wenceslaus and Gerald's Story


"The church as a whole is important to us."

Every year, the town of Gerald, Saskatchewan gets a little smaller. But within the walls of St. Wenceslaus, the town's only remaining gathering place, the love of Christ continues to be a binding force.

From Need to Comfort: Sherrie's Story


"It was like the sun coming up...I had been in the dark for so long."

Longterm illness can be a lonely battle, but thanks to the warm and welcoming environment at Wascana Centre, Sherrie Bigg found a place where she felt at home.

From Darkness to Light: Rik's Story


"Could God ever love a man like me?"

After 34 years in prison and a lifetime of pain, Rik McWhinney was a man in need of deep healing and friendship. And through compassion and caring, he found peace and acceptance in his life beyond bars.

Appeal- Your gifts at Work 2019

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