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2021 Campaign

Dear Friends in Christ,  

“As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you; abide in my love.” John 15:9
Jesus shows us every day how much He loves us no matter the highs and lows of our lives. He invites us to abide in His love and love others just as He loves us.
In this year’s Appeal, you will discover God’s love through touching stories that go from journeying with someone when dying to walking with a young person to help her find and trust Jesus, or the graces and blessings we receive from when we abide His love.

Your gift to the Archbishop’s Appeal helps others on their faith journey by funding the ministries and services that make these transformations possible. As each of us reach out to help the next person we all experience God’s love and abundant blessings. Thank you for your trust in God’s unbinding love and for your life-giving support.

Yours in Christ,

Archbishop Donald Bolen,

Archdiocese of Regina


Unbinding Ted's Suffering

'It's hard to lose a child, but his suffering was over.'

Your generosity supports ministries like the Diaconate Program, which prepare men like Deacon David for the service of others in neeed.



Removing walls to free Halle's heart

'The greatest evangelization comes from kids that students can see themselves in.'

Inspired by young retreat leaders who modelled living deeply in faith and trust, Halle realized that she could unbind herself from ways she's previously been living...

The Love of Mary on the Prairies

'She Unbinds Everything.'

With struggles like Covid, anxiety and loneliness on the rise, more people are turning to Mary for support. One title for Mary is ‘untier of knots,’ as she unbinds us from worldly challenges through her intercession and love.



From Holy Land to Heartland

“The love He offers us makes us witnesses so that we can deepen our faith.”

We believe that Mary and Joseph escaped Herod and fled to Egypt to protect Baby Jesus. Fast forward thousands of years, Dr Mikhail Shahat, born and raised in Egypt, was looking to find a better place for his family to live and flourish. His journey led him to Canada where he and his family are experiencing God’s love through fruitful work opportunities and the kind and caring people from the province.


2020 Campaign

A Time for Resilience: New Ways for Reaching Out

"I would say that God has given us a new challenge to reach out to the world..."

In what felt like an instant, the pandemic changed almost everything. Despite not being able to gather as we once could, we continue to be church, and we continue to journey together.

A Time for Caring: Helping Others During Lockdown

"I see the Archdiocese as a pillar in the midst of the storm."

The Lord calls us to look after each other, to reach out to one another in our needs, to care for each other. Now more than ever, we need to feel God's care.

A Time for Trusting: Finding God in the Pandemic

"There was the fire of the Spirit in all these people."

Trusting in God is not easy when our normal way of living is completely disrupted. Finding hope in every season has required that we find new ways to proclaim that God is with us.

A Time for Envisioning: Future Full of Hope

"We know that God has a plan - and we believe in His plan."

God promises us a future full of hope. That same spirit calls us anew each day to do our part to dream and to build that future.

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