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Dear Friends,

The mission of the Archbishop’s Appeal is to raise money to support the various Archdiocesan ministries and programs, as well as to provide grants to community outreach organizations, while contributing to the Archdiocese’s sustainability.

Every year, we develop an annual campaign, which includes the production of promotional materials, postage, and gifts processing. This year we have established a goal to reduce these expenses by moving gradually to an online environment. Our first approach is to create an email list on a web-based platform, to administrate all communications during the campaign. 

Therefore, we are inviting you to follow the Archbishop’s Appeal campaigns online. You will have access to all promotional materials such as videos and stories, giving options, and news updates. You can also invite your family and friends to join our newsletter as well.

Please click here to sign up for free. 

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Archbishop's Appeal Logo Our logo was inspired by the beauty of the stained glass of our churches. The four shapes create between them a cross, symbol of our faith. Yellow, blue and red are the colours of the archdiocesan coat of arms. Together they embrace the green—colour of our province and of hope.

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