Bequests and Estate Organizer

The Power to Change Our Future is in Your Hands!

Dear Fellow Catholics, 

Have you ever dreamt about helping your parish in a way that was never possible during your lifetime? About changing one of our pastoral ministries from a service that is funded on a year-to-year basis to something with a lasting and sustainable future? Have you personally been touched by the service of a priest, a visit from a chaplain in a health care centre, a youth ministry event, participation in the Lay Ministry program? 

A bequest in your will is a wonderful way to remember and recognize the many gifts that we receive through our years spent as members of a Catholic family here in southern Saskatchewan. It can be as simple as designating a percentage of what remains in your estate to the Archdiocese of Regina after those you wish to provide for have been taken care of. You have the opportunity to choose how you would like your gift to be used, and bequests, no matter the size, are a sign to those we love of our commitment to a life of faith. 

You may also wish to include in your estate plans instructions to your executor that memorial gifts at your Catholic funeral be directed to your local parish. 

If this a gift that you have chosen to make or do choose to proceed with, I would be pleased to hear from you. Though our plans are often something that we wish to keep private, I am available for confidential conversations about your gift and how you would like it to be used. We would also love to be able to thank you quietly and discreetly and share with you during your lifetime some information about how your gift will make a difference for our community. It's a satisfying feeling to know we are leaving a lasting legacy for God's family!

Please contact Barry Wood at 306 352-1651 Ext. 218 bwoodatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca


The Basics You Need

Planning a Bequest to the Archdiocese of Regina?

Our legal name is "Archiepiscopal Corporation of Regina" Charitable Registration Number: BN 106720253 RR0001

Gifts to parishes and/or Catholic charities can be made to the Archdiocese in trust for that parish or charity. Monies received will be disbursed according to the terms of your will as per Canadian legislation. 

Please consider asking your lawyer to include a "Power to Vary" clause that will allow the Archbishop to fulfill the intention of your gift should the original purposes become impossible. An example of this would be: if the name of your parish changes or your parish moves or merges, the clause would allow your gift to be directed to your new home parish.

Catholic Estate Organizer

Click the image to download the .pdf document or email bwoodatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca with your name and address to receive your complimentary print copy in the mail. 

This organizer has everything you need to get ready to meet with a lawyer who can prepare a will for you. If you already have a will in place, it's a great place to share additional information with your executor(s) and beneficiaries. This is an essential guide for all Catholics who wish to consider stewardship as a central value in their will and estate planning.

Simple How-To Guide for Bequests Download this simple guide to creating a charitable bequest for your parish or Archdiocese. The perfect document to share with your estate planning professional.
Catholic Preamble to my Will Download this sample preamble to include with your estate plan. It is a way of recognizing your lifetime commitment to the values of Catholic stewardship for those who will handle your affairs after your passing. 
Gifts in Lieu of Flowers Considering asking family and friends to express their memory of you through a gift to charity rather than in ordering flowers for your funeral? Download this form that expresses your wish that gifts in lieu of flowers be made in your name to your parish, your archdiocese or your favorite Catholic charity. 

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