Supporting Your Parish

Thank you for attending mass and volunteering at your local Catholic parish. Your presence and gifts of time, talent and treasure mean the world to our Family of Faith here in the Archdiocese of Regina.

You can find information about volunteering in your parish through your local priest, pastoral council and parish administration office.

There are several ways to financially support your parish - the most common way is through gifts to the weekly collection offering. It makes sense to use an offertory envelope and to donate using cheques rather than placing loose change in the collection. Envelopes and cheques help your parish to record your gifts and allow the parish to issue a donation receipt for income tax purposes at the end of the year. These receipts can yield a tax credit for you of up to 44% of the amount donated and it's worth claiming that credit!

Another way is to use automated debit through a bank account or credit card. The parish is there 365 days a year and pre-authorized giving makes sure that your support is there even if you are unable to attend for any reason. Ask at your parish office if pre-authorized giving is available.

Finally, be sure to visit the "Gifts for Tomorrow" page to learn more about how you can support your parish through a charitable bequest, gift of life insurance or using other gifts of property.

The Archdiocese approves periodic special in-pew collections on an annual basis and a schedule of these collections and what the funds are used for are available on this site as well. Your parish office can also provide you with a financial statement at any time. 

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