Capital Fundraising

Raising funds from the community for your new parish building, renovation or restoration requires a solid plan, and success depends on allowing enough time and using relationship-based fundraising strategies rooted in Catholic values.

It is recommended that you consult professional fundraising services about campaign goals and strategy whenever you identify a need for several donors to make donations in excess of $10,000 for your campaign to be successful. One such source that has assisted several Catholic entities is DCG Philanthropic Services, Inc.  There is also much helpful information available online at sources such as:

  a) Charity Village   b) Imagine Canada

Approval from the Archbisop to conduct a capital campaign is required since the funds raised will be used for a project also requiring his approval.

Building, Repairing or Restoring your Parish

The Archdiocese of Regina has Guidelines for Parish Pastoral Council and Finance Council which outline the steps necessary in initiating a building project. Appendix A includes the following stipulation:

Prior to the initiation of construction, the equivalent of one-half of the total costs of construction (inclusive of related costs of architect, contractors and insurance) must be raised before any new building or major renovation project is initiated. In addition, there must be a demonstrated ability on behalf of the parish to fund on a go-forward basis all remaining contracted costs through fundraising initiatives, irrespective of project financing requirements.

Please contact Barry Wood, Financial Officer at 306 352-1651 Ext. 218 or bwoodatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca to discuss your plans for a new or already in-progress capital fundraising project in your parish.


Questions/Campaign Considerations

  • The what and why of the project
  • Parish awareness of project
  • Cost of project
  • Any past campaigns
  • Number of households
  • Annual offertory
  • Set goal
  • Door to door
  • 3 year pledges; some 5 years
  • 15-20% of parish involved

Keys to Campaign Success

  • Prayer
  • Involvement of pastor
  • Choice of people
  • Public relations/communications

The basic steps of a capital fundraising campaign are outlined in this downloadable document: Steps for Planning a Capital Campaign in the Archdiocese of Regina.

Blackbaud's Gift Range Calculator is a fantastic tool that shows how many gifts, at what dollar amount are required in order to reach a specific fundraising goal: Gift Range Calculator.

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