Young Catholics in our Archdiocese stood up to the challenge to share why they support Youth Ministry and the Annual Appeal.

Their leadership in shaking things up is making an incredible difference! Inspired by Pope Francis, they are committed to #makeamess and offer their gifts of time, talent, treasure and enthusiasm to the Church.

 To join them, share your own #UNselfie on Facebook and Twitter and make a donation to the Annual Appeal online.

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Being a part of the Archdiocese of Regina Youth Group has given me many opportunities to meet lots of FABULOUS people and give back to my community. But perhaps the most valuable lesson I have learned from being a part of this awesome group is how to step out of my comfort zone. (ie: when I played Cinderella in last year`s Variety Night! ) This Youth Group has always been like a second family to me, and I hope to be a part of it for a long time to come.

If you have a similar experience or memory and want to give back to the ministry, feel free to donate here:…/archdiocese-of-reg…/makeamess/



Youth ministry opened so many doors for me at a time when I needed the support and friendship the most. It's a place I've always been able to go back to, no matter what's been going on in my life or how long I've been gone.

I learned to sing my joy, give of myself, and a million little ways that I wasn't even aware that could make people smile. Youth Ministry showed me how to be kind, considerate, and patient, and how I could be more creative and loving than I ever imagined for myself.

If you have a similar experience or memory and want to give back to the ministry, feel free to donate here:
If you can't, then give the only thing that Youth Ministry has ever really asked of you - your time.



I have been nominated for the #unselfie giving challenge for the Archdiocese of Regina. We have a wonderful team that contributes their time, talents, and spirit to keep our programs running year after year, but reality is funding is also required to continue to serve youth all across our diocese so we are running a campaign for the month of December. We are nominating people to share how youth ministry has affected their life, and donate to our campaign if they choose to do so.

Youth ministry has evolved with me through elementary, high school, and now into my adult life. My time in the church as a youth shaped me into who I am today, helping me through tough times, providing tons of fun times, and now as an adult I get to share my time with our youth, and I couldn't love it more! As an added bonus youth ministry allowed me a place to meet my husband who I can share my faith with, and pass it on to our children.



I have been nominated for the ‪#‎unselfie giving challenge for youth ministry in the Archdiocese of Regina! Thanks Amanda! Sorry it's a few hours delayed. Lol!

I chose this pic as it was during this year's rally! I was taking it to send to my summer sem friend Jeannette! If there's one way to describe youth ministry, it's family. When I moved to Regina, I was invited with open arms and quickly became part of the team! Youth ministry is a celebration of the unique gifts that people bring to the church, challenging and supporting each other on the journey. And even though I've moved back, the team in Regina continues to play an important part, especially when we have the chance to catch up, or be total awesomeness at rally!

I am grateful for the ‪#‎iamwcacym friendships who have helped continue to expand our ministry network! It's pretty amazing to know so many incredible people all over Canada!

The youth that I have the privilege to watch grow is the greatest blessing. When you see their hearts fill with peace, their world open to love and their eyes filled with faith (or seeking), there's really no way to describe those moments. I stand in awe!

Overall, I would describe youth ministry as paying it forward. I have been blessed by those who took the time to care and journey with me, and now I can do the same for others. Thank you Michelle Braden

for being such a faithful, loving example! And for always welcoming me back to the team, making me feel like I've never left!



Thanks Adrienne for the #unselfie nomination! This movement is in support of the Youth Ministry campaign for the Archdiocese of Regina, and it's an awesome cause!

Youth ministry is a very important part of my life and I'm super thrilled that I can be involved with so many great programs here in Regina. When I was in grade 11 I joined the Archdiocesan Youth Leadership Team and that has completely changed my life. I made some amazing friends, I've been able to serve others, I got the fantastic opportunity to go to the Philippines, and most importantly I'm able to share my faith with so many people. The things I've experienced with this team have even inspired me to change my career path so I can hopefully make a difference in children's lives.

Please consider donating at the link below, it's such a worthwhile cause. If you can't donate, then I challenge you to donate your time and talents in some way.




I have been nominated for #unselfie challenge in support of the youth and young adults in the Archdiocese of Regina.

These programs gave me a home and family when I felt like no one else could. I would not be alive today without them! I am very blessed that I was given the opportunity to be apart of this family, which has never left my side. I want to pay this back and support future youth within these programs.

I am challenging Carter, Stacey and Karina to donate today and keep the movement going. Please feel free to donate to the cause even if you have not been nominated. It all makes an impact! The link to donate is found below. Help us reach our goal of $5000 by December 31.

Nominees you have 24 hours to post your #unselfie and explain why you want to give back! Then nominate three others and keep the movement going!

Best of Luck!
#makeamess #givingtuesday #unselfie

Check out the link to donate and for further information about the challenge:



Thanks Shelby for nominating me for the ‪#‎unselfie challenge in support of the youth and young adults within the Archdiocese of Regina. These youth programs have helped me grow stronger in my faith, make some life long friends & has truly found a place in my heart! It's like a second home to me and I couldn't be happier to share it with my faith-filled community!
I nominate Brandi, Reed and Kaylene to donate; thank-you guys for always being there by my side in supporting me through difficult times, love you!!

You have 24 hours to post a #unselfie & explain why you want to give back to your community, then nominate 3 people to keep the movement going!



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