Canadian National Special Pew-Collections

The Archdiocese of Regina follows the calendar of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops for national charitable collections outside of those collections that support local parishes and the Archdiocese of Regina's Annual Appeal. You will most often find offertory envelopes for these collections in your box of envelopes for the coming liturgical year.

Development and Peace - ShareLent

ShareLent is the annual spring fundraising campaign for the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace. To learn more about how your contributions are used, check out their website here.

The Pope's Pastoral Works

A disastrous flood or earthquake strikes a nation at the other end of the world. Immediately many countries rush in food, medicine, blankets, money and trained people. Prominent among such aid is the financial help offered by the Holy Father to people in need. In the name of Catholics everywhere, he displays Christ’s love and compassion for those who suffer. Each year at this time, Canadian Catholics are asked to give generously to this papal collection, which is passed on to the Holy Father for his use among those stricken by natural disasters.

Needs of the Church in the Holy Land

This collection is taken up on Good Friday as requested by the Pope. The funds raised are used by the Pope to support the Church in the Holy Land. For more information, click here.

Vocations Sunday - Good Shepherd Sunday

This collection is taken on the Fourth Sunday of Easter, the World Day of Prayer for Vocations. Funds raised are used to promote and support vocations to the priesthood, permanent diaconate and religious orders in the Archdiocese of Regina.

Catholic Missions in Canada

Catholic Missions In Canada seeks to sustain and extend the Catholic Faith in isolated, poor and hard-to-reach mission areas in Canada. These are communities where diocesan resources are insufficient to keep the Church alive. Catholic Missions promotes national awareness on the needs of our Canadian missions and raises funds to sustain the work of evangelization. For more information, click here.

Needs of the Church in Canada

Each year the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) is asked to speak out, give leadership, and provide guidelines for the faithful on a wide variety of topics. In order for our Bishops to be able to make sound judgments on modern topics, they must have the benefit of research and expert advice. Research and gathering information require staff, time, and money. Through the yearly Bishops’ collection for the needs of the Church in Canada, an appeal is made to all Catholics to be generous in supporting the work of their Bishops at the Conference level. Most dioceses have the collection at this time, but an individual diocese may choose another date. We are also asked to pray for the work of the Bishops and to participate in and cooperate with the various projects of the CCCB.

Propagation of the Faith - Mission Sunday

It is the responsibility of all believers to spread the Gospel. Pastors should encourage people to deepen their realization that every Christian shares in the mission of the Church and that they should become more involved in today’s missionary work. Guidance in this area is found in the Second Vatican Council document on the Church’s missionary activity. This national collection is given to the Society for the Propagation of the Faith who distributes the funds to every mission bishop to assist in the day to day expenses of operating the diocese as well as special projects, such as building churches/chapels, healthcare clinics, the training and support catechists. For more information, click here.

Emergency Disaster Relief

Want to reach out and help those in need in Canada and around the world? The Archdiocese of Regina partners with international relief organizations to offer support for those at risk in international humanitarian crisises. You will often hear about emergency relief campaigns through your parish and current campaigns are typically posted on the home page for the Archdiocese.

Thoughtful Stewards of our Gifts

Thank you for considering these special collections in your charitable gift planning for the year. If you ever have questions about how much has been collected by your parish, you may contact the Finance Council Chairperson at your parish. If you are interested in information about how much has been collected by the Archdiocese, please submit that request by email to Barry Wood our Archdiocesan Finance Officer at bwoodatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca

Tax receipts for gifts to these collections made through the parish offertory collection will be issued by the end of February each year and will be included with your gifts to the parish and the Archdiocese of Regina Annual Appeal.

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