Yvette Beutel

St. Henrys Parish, Melville 

For me, Catholicism means living out the Gospel, and the Gospel is inescapably justice. Its that simple. During my career as an educator, my justice work was focused on the students, parents and colleagues with whom I interacted each day and the classes I taught. At the same time, my husband and I worked at home to instill justice values in our children. Until recently, my justice work was built on the principles of incremental change, both within myself and in my environment. Now, I have time to read extensively, chair our parish Social Justice and Refugee Committees, contribute to the Social Justice Commission, and take advantage of opportunities to connect with people in SK and Canada who have dedicated much of their lives to justice work.

Ethelwyn Dzuba

Christ the King Parish, Shaunavon

I am an elected Parish Council member and a member of Development and Peace.  As early as the age of ten or eleven, I was asked to teach a cohort with a  physical disability how to tie Girl Guide knots. That simple request was the beginning of a life demonstrating empathy, compassion, and love for others. I am passionate about helping to welcome newcomers to Canada and spend my time reading and learning about various justice concerns. I feel blessed to be working with the Archdiocese Social Justice Commission as together, we seek meaningful ways to live out Catholic social teaching.

Sarah Greenwood

Campion College, Regina

I grew up interested in social justice, and role models from my family, Church, and communities have watered those seeds planted long ago.  The Social Justice Commission has been a place to learn from like-minded people and to follow the promptings of the Spirit toward action.  My current spiritual home is Campion College, where I also work.

Judy Klenk

Little Flower Parish, Regina

I currently serve as Deanery Representative and Secretary for Parish Council.  I have been very interested in Social Justice issues and I am working where I can with the Social Justice Commission.  I have a Human Justice degree and have worked on Truth and Reconciliation committees, the Walking with Victims committee, and Development and Peace for many years. Working with the Commission fits very well with my interest in Social Justice issues.

Ramona Rodych

Holy Child Parish, Regina

“Justice is what Love looks like in public.” 
Over the years, I have been involved in various means of outreach, in my parish and the larger faith community of our city.  But, in the Sacred Heart School community, where I taught for 13 years, I encountered immeasurable needs and sometimes overwhelming struggles. That was where my heart awakened with greater compassion and longing for justice. 

The recent nudge to be directly involved with the Social Justice Commission has opened a door for me to explore fresh learnings and understandings, to stretch some new skills, and to deepen my faith with Gospel perspectives. 

Amanda Trainor

Resurrection Parish, Regina

Luke 6:31 and ‘small changes cause big ripples’ are the founding thoughts I hold in my heart as I reach out to the world.  As someone relatively new to Canada, I am still finding my place with my lovely family.  With the Social Justice Commission and a recent move to Resurrection parish, I hope to be able to fulfill my baptismal call to serve and help where I can, striving for positive change in my home, my parish, and to the world in need of God’s love and mercy.

Tashia Toupin

Moose Jaw

The Social Teachings of the Church are the lens through which our faith calls us to view and interact with the world. This lens drives us to love as Christ does, with a radically inclusive love. This overwhelming love needs to shine forth and should be evident by our actions, words, and beliefs. We will know it is Christ’s love pouring from us because it builds up the dignity of all. I believe this is my vocation and yours. As the Social Justice Coordinator for the Archdiocese of Regina, I hope that we can journey toward this radically inclusive love together.

Bob Wihlidal

Holy Child Parish, Regina

“We are called to work for justice, serve those in need, pursue peace, and defend the life, dignity and rights of our brothers and sisters.”  As a member of Holy Child Parish in Regina, I recently completed the three-year Lay Formation program.  Following this, I have found helping with the initiation and formation of our new Archdiocese Social Justice Commission has been a great opportunity to offer my skills in service.