Forms, Policies, Procedures, Presentations & Manual Downloads

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The following documents are available in pdf format for your information:

The Stewardship Manual Part 1
The Stewardship Manual & Appendix Part 2

 French Stewardship Manuals

Although the French version of this document has not been made available for publication as yet but the Archdiocese of Ottawa has located a French version that is now available on line and Archbishop Bohan encourages its use. Here is the link to the relevant webpage


Fall Congress 2018: Finance Roles - What do I need to know?

Protocol for Responsible Parish Ministry

Parish Report Forms (just click to download)

Annual Financial Report Forms for 2018 - Excel

Parish Council and Parish Financial Council Guidelines

Collection Count Templates for Parishes     

Parish Council Data (doc) Form for 2018 (pdf Version here)

Annual Pastoral Report for 2017(pdf)

Annual Pastoral Report for 2017(doc)

  1. Baptism Registration Form (pdf)
  2. Baptism Registration Form (doc)
  3. Confirmation Registration Form (pdf)
  4. Confirmation Registration Form (doc)
  5. Marriage Registration Form (pdf)
  6. Marriage Registration Form (doc)
  7. Native Ministry Annual Pastoral Report (pdf) 
  8. Native Ministry Annual Pastoral Report (doc) 

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