Parish Report Forms (click to download)

1. Financial Report 2020 (for year 2019) Updated Feb 20, 2020

Covering Memo for Financial Report 2019 New!

  --Annual Financial Report Forms 2020 - Excel New!

2. Annual Pastoral Report 2020 (for year 2019)

Memo for Annual Parish Pastoral Report 2019 New!

  --Annual Parish Report 2019--Electronic New!

  --Annual Parish Report 2019--Print Copy docx;   Print Copy pdf New!

  --Archdiocesan Priorities 2017-2020

3. Parish Data Form 2020--Print Copy docx;  Print Copy pdf Fillable PDF pdf New!

4. Baptismal Register New! 

5. Confirmation Register New!

6. Marriage Register New!

7. Native Ministry Annual Pastoral Report New!

8. Financial Information for Reserves (for year 2019) New!

9. Clergy Documents and Forms for 2019

    a. Clergy Salary 2020 Payroll Deduction Schedule  New!

    b. Clergy 2020 Housing Allowance New!

    c. Priests' 2020 Salaries and Travel Allowances New!

    d. Screening and Police Records Checks for Clergy

    e. Clergy 2020 Evaluation and Pastoral Placement Form New!

    f. Policy on Shared Clergy Expenses New!

    g. Policy on Travel Allowance Claimed by Pastors/Administrators New!


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