Archbishop's Letter to Rev. Peter Nguyen

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November 28, 2012

Rev. Peter Thang Nguyen
Good Samaritan Parish
425 Broad St. N.
Regina, SK S4R 2X8

Dear Fr. Nguyen,

I am happy to give to you the following response to your letter of October 24, 2012, requesting
permission to proceed with the merger of St. Charles, Canadian Martyrs and Good Samaritan into one
parish under a new Patron.

With this letter I recommend the following:

1. Following upon many years of collaboration between the three parishes, there is now a need to
carry out the merger of the three parishes.

2. The various steps to bring about the merger need now to be initiated and carried out by the Tri-
Parish Merger Committee.

3. The Merger Committee is to be understood as being a standing committee of the Parish Finance
Council. The Merger Committee will present its recommendations to the Finance Council and
with them to the Pastor for his approval. These recommendations are then to be presented to the
Archbishop for final approval.

4. The Archdiocesan Parish Review Committee and the Office of the Finance Officer of the
Archdiocese are available for consultation and advice.

5. The Merger Committee is to begin, as soon as possible, the process required to engage an
architect, to put together a merger plan and to investigate the acquisition of additional property
adjacent to Good Samaritan Church.

6. The Merger Committee will proceed immediately to plan for the disposition of St. Charles and
Canadian Martyrs churches.

7. When the above items have achieved, a date for the three parishes to come together in a common
Worship Place with be determined.

8. The Archbishop's Office will be in touch with the Myriam Family Sisters in order to discuss with
them their needs for living space and for their programs.

Most Reverend Daniel J. Bohan

445 Broad Street N., Regina, SK, CANADA S4R 2X8
Tel: (506) 552-1651   Fax: (506) 552-6515   E-mail: chancervatarchreaina [dot] sk [dot] ca