Many Volunteer Opportunities Available in Regina

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The Hospitals, Wascana Rehabilitation Centre and Regina Pioneer Village have need of many people to assist the patients. Some volunteers are needed to help in  portering patients to and from Mass, Eucharistic ministers (at Mass) and at bedside are also needed, proclaimers of the word, sacristan and people in music ministry.  If you feel called to help please contact anyone of the following for more information and/or to register:  Jerry  (Regina General Hospital) @ 306-766-3567 , Lorraine (Pasqua Hospital) @ (306)766-2473, Karen (Wascana Rehab Centre) @ 306-766-5991 or Linda (Regina Pioneer Village) @ 306-751-5217.  Orientation would take place in January or early February so please contact us as soon as possible.  Thank you and God Bless.

Page Relievers are also needed.  The Archdiocese of Regina provides Chaplaincy service to the three hospitals in Regina.  Individuals interested in serving as Page Reliever to members of our faith are encourage to apply for the position by calling or emailing  the Director of Pastoral Services at 352.1651. Ext. 236 or bkowalchukatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca.  Interested individuals will be referred to one of our hospital Chaplains as part of our initial screening process.