Archbishop Bohan: Share Lent

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

In a Lenten letter to Canadian Catholics printed in the Feb. 2015 Living with Christ, Brazilian Bishop Enemesio Angelo Lazzaris writes, “Sisters and Brothers of Canada, when we share in the consecrated bread and wine of communion, we are making a commitment to fight hunger and its root causes….  This commitment must always, especially during Lent, be accompanied by acts of solidarity, such as those we have seen through our many years of partnership with Development and Peace.”  Bishop Enemesio is President of the Pastoral Land Commission, which is supported by us through the Share Lent collection. 

This year’s Share Lent theme of Sow Much Love to Give follows from Pope Francis’ call to address world hunger.  When we learn that 50% of people suffering from hunger are small family farmers, we know that our support for them will significantly reduce this scourge.  The Pastoral Land Commission is a fine example of how we, in Canada, can share our love by supporting partner organizations who address hunger.  Through Development and Peace, we support more than 100 partners in over 30 countries who are working to improve their communities.

Bishop Enemesio also writes that through our support, the Pastoral Land Commission is “acting against hunger, violence and the concentration of ownership of land, all of which oppose God’s plans for a more just and compassionate world.”  On Solidarity Sunday, March 22nd, we can help construct that “just and compassionate world” by donating generously to the Share Lent collection in the specially marked envelopes.  This is also an opportune time to consider becoming a monthly donor through Development and Peace’s Share Year Round program.   However we choose to respond, let us put our faith in the crucified and risen Lord who continues to walk in our midst, and to summon us to prayers and action for justice and peace.

Yours sincerely in Christ,
✠ Daniel J. Bohan, Archbishop of Regina