It was cloudy, cold and windy Thursday, May 7,  but it did not deter more than 200 who showed their pro life support at a rally and March that began in front of the Saskatchewan Legislative Building and trekked up and down Albert Street, one of the city’s main thoroughfares.

“Given the weather, we’re very pleased with the support we had,” said Terri Bergen, President of Regina Pro Life.

It was a full day of activity for the Regina Pro-Life group that began at 7 a.m. with a crew that planted 10,000, small pink and blue flags each representing ten abortions (100,000) performed each year in Canada, in front of the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. The Museum is located at the intersection of Albert Street and College Avenue two of the city’s main arteries and attracted a lot of attention. A mass at 10:00 a.m. at Christ the King Church celebrated by Vicar General Reverend Lorne Crozon attracted about 100 people some of whom marched to the Legislative Building carrying signs following the mass.

The rally in front of the Legislative Building featured several speakers supporting Pro Life and called for the Saskatchewan government to introduce legislation requiring parental consent. No members of the Legislative Assembly addressed the crowd but four SaskParty MLA’s were seen in the crowd; Rural and Remote Health Minister Greg Ottenbreit, Wayne Elhard, Delbert Kirsch and Randy Weekes. Ottenbreit, that afternoon, presented a petition to the Legislative Assembly initiated by the Pro-Life organization that called for parental consent required before anyone under 18 years of age can receive an abortion. “Most medical procedures for under 18s require parental consent,” said Bergen, “but not for abortions. It’s crazy!” Health Minister Dustin Duncan later told reporters that the Saskatchewan Government has no intention of introducing any kind of law on abortion. There are no laws effecting abortion in Canada since the Supreme Court in 1988 struck them down as unconstitutional.

Pamphlets urging the federal government to introduce legislation providing some protection for “pre-born” children were handed out. Canada, along with China and North Korea are the only countries not providing some protection for pre-born children, according to the pamphlet.

Bergen said a national rally of pro-life supporters will be held May 14 in Ottawa. Regina will send two representatives to that rally and she believes a total of 10 from Saskatchewan will attend. “Next year we will try and hold our rally on the same day as the National,” said Bergen.

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