What began as a simple idea by Very Rev. Valentine Amobi, Esterhazy Dean, blossomed into an event attended by over 250 parishioners from the Esterhazy Deanery.  An Annual Appeal grant was applied for and received to assist with the costs of the event. 

On a Sunday day at Camp O’Neill, the afternoon started with an invigorating mass concelebrated by Rev. Valentine and Rev. Rene Mangahas.  The Grayson choir filled the hall with music that left you wanting more.  Rev. Rene’s homily had the congregation stomping in the pews and responding with spontaneous “Amens”.  Young and old alike filed out of the hall with smiles on their faces and music in their souls. 

More music awaited the crowd in the picnic area.  Rev. Joseph Kuruvilla, Rev. Thomas Mutavanattu, and Father Bruno Moduthagam Remigius joined the crowd for an afternoon of games, tours of Camp O’Neill, snacks and entertainment.  The day concluded with a family picnic catered by Esterhazy Catering.  No one was left idle and laughter could be heard everywhere one went. 

It was a fabulous way to build community for both the young and the old. 

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